70mai QHD Front and Rear Car Dash Cam Camera
70mai QHD Front and Rear Car Dash Cam Camera

Gray 70mai A400-1 Driving Recorder, 1440P QHD Front and Rear Driving Recorder, 1080P, 2" IPS LCD Display, WiFi Driving Recorder, Parking Monitor, 145° Viewing Angle, WDR Enhanced Night Vision, iOS / Android Mobile App (2021)

 Slim design and multiple color options

The 70mai A400 Driving Recorder has 3 color options (Grey, Ivory, Red) to choose from. You can find the perfect option that fits the interior of your car.

 front and rear tachographs

The A400 70mai drive recorder gives you a flexible resolution package that includes 1920 x 1440 pixels (front) + 1920 x 1080 pixels (rear) and 1920 x 1080 pixels (front) + 1920 x 1080 pixels (rear) and provides full coverage for added security. This smart camera is easy to install. You can quickly install front and rear cameras with 4 steps of electrostatic stickers installation, back camera installation, power delivery and camera angle adjustment.

145° + 130° wide field of view

The A400 70mai Driving Recorder greatly reduces blind spots, opens your view and can better monitor your driving environment. The front camera has a field of view of 145 degrees and the rear camera has a field of view of 130 degrees.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

The WDR algorithm automatically adjusts the exposure balance optimally, without disturbing overexposure and underexposure. It simulates the characteristics of the human eye and makes full use of the dynamic range of all captured data to ensure the best wide dynamic effect.

Improve night vision

You no longer have to worry about the poor quality of the video recorded on the dashcam. The A400 is equipped with WDR technology and a large F/2.0 aperture that can absorb more light to illuminate dark scenes, ensuring excellent performance in all lighting conditions.

Episode recording

By automatically overwriting the oldest video with a new video, this drive recorder can ensure the safety of saving evidence instead of causing "memory full" issue on the SD card.

The mobile application has been activated

70mai Mobile App supports iOS and Android. Simply connect your 70mai device to the mobile app over WiFi to join the 70mai ecosystem. The A400 makes it easy to take photos, view real-time footage, upload files, share files on your phone, and perform OTA upgrades.

70mai QHD Front and Rear Car Dash Cam Camera
70mai QHD Front and Rear Car Dash Cam Camera

  •     [Front and Rear Driving Recorder with Front and Rear Camera] The dashboard driving recorder supports flexible resolution packages including 2560 x 1440p (front) + 1920 x 1080p (front), 2560 x 1080p (front) + 1920 x 1080p ( yet) provides you with a two-channel recording function - you can travel safely at all times
  •     [145° Wide Angle + 130°] The 70mai A400 Driving Recorder provides a 145° viewing angle for the front camera, a 130° field of view for the rear camera, and provides a total of 275° FOV to better monitor the safety of your vehicle.
  •     [WDR Technology & Enhanced Night Vision] Equipped with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), the dashcam can automatically adjust exposure balance when shooting in low light conditions or high contrast environments. The dashcam uses an F/2.0 aperture that effectively reduces blind spots and can take clear pictures even in low light.
  •     [Repeated Recording and Evidence Preservation] The smart dashcam will automatically replace the oldest video with the latest video. While driving, videos can be recorded and automatically saved to the local microSD memory card to ensure that video evidence is captured and prevents being overwritten safely. Supports 10 types of microSD cards (and above) from 16GB to 128GB (not included)
  •     [Built-in Wi-Fi & APP Control] The A400 smart driving recorder has built-in WiFi and can be connected to the 70mai APP, so you can easily view photos in real time, play back recorded videos and download files to a mobile phone. In addition, this feature allows you to get continuous OTA updates through automatic bug fixes and software updates.

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