Abowone 16 Channels 5MP Hybrid 5-in-1 DVR Video Recorder
Abowone 16 Channels 5MP Hybrid 5-in-1 DVR Video Recorder

Abowone NO-3216T 16 Channels 5MP [Update] 5-in-1 Hybrid DVR Recorder H.265 16CH DVR DVR Digital Security Recorder Supports AHD/IP/TVI/CVBS/CVI Analog Cameras

Tips | Customized motion detection and email reminder or APP message reminder

Tip: There is no hard drive inside. If you need to record, please use a SATA 3.5" 350G-6TB secure hard drive.

Play if hat screen 17"-42". If the screen is out of range, please change the screen to match the resolution of the DVR or set the message online.

Remote access: Connect the DVR to the router with the network cable > Enable “DHCP” > Change part of the device and leave it as router > Check nat status version: Connected “Connected” > Clear SN code settings from network > Connect the mobile app successfully Add device to phone. (After placing the order, we will provide the video playback details in the email, if you do not receive it, please email us)

Real-time email reminder

You can select any camera and set the motion detection area. If there is movement in the area, a warning email will be sent to your inbox with custom detection settings.

Remote access and control

1. Implement Plug and Play, Local Access and Local Control

2. With mobile phone and tablet APP remote access and control, PC and Mac client, monitor your home, office, etc. anytime and anywhere. very expensive.

3. XMEye Pro APP supports smartphones (iOS and Android systems) or computers

4. The local monitor does not need a router, but if you want to access it remotely, when you need to connect the hard disk video recorder to the router using a network cable with a network cable.

5. The DVR supports 5MP network cameras, 5M-N analog cameras and of course 1MP 2MP 3MP cameras can be used.

The upgrade is better than before and can support more cameras than the old model.

HD output and VGA support

Check the device on your mobile anytime and anywhere to keep your family and business safe.

Local Display: Connect the DVR to the screen with a VGA cable or an HD output cable.

Remote view: Connect the HDD video recorder to the router with the network cable, activate DHCP and connect automatically. Otherwise, change the device's IP address segment (part 3) and keep it as a router.

Remote access and secure sharing

Support to view different devices through account login. If you want to share the device with others, you need the master account to share life, keep it safe and have a smart and fun life

H.265 compression, no internal hard disk

The hard disk recorder supports recording 3.5 inch SATA 350G-6TB hard disk (hard disk not included), with H.265 compression, the same memory can record more videos.

Abowone 16 Channels 5MP Hybrid 5-in-1 DVR Video Recorder
Abowone 16 Channels 5MP Hybrid 5-in-1 DVR Video Recorder

  •   Supports recording even when there is no microphone in the camera | This hybrid DVR recorder can be customized to recognize different possible motions | Email and message alerts. You will not miss any time for remote and local operations.
  •  Enjoy 24 hours of uninterrupted video recording | This DVR is an advanced H.265 video format | Provides smooth, lag-free live streaming and long recording times | Compared with H.264 hard disk recorders with the same hard disk, it can save 60% of storage space. Note: There is no hard drive inside, support 3.5 inch SATA 350G 6TB hard drive
  • Quick remote access through a free app (Danale or Xmeye) | This hybrid DVR video recorder is widely used in home or commercial surveillance systems. You can view all cameras in free smart live viewer app. Play on the device.
  •  Support PAL, NTSC, IP camera and analog cameras, even if your cameras standards are different, you can also change the camera's video standard in the DVR (details such as video on the page). If you have any questions, please leave a message, thanks!

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