AZDOME PG02S 2.5K Night Vision Mirror Dash Cam
AZDOME PG02S 2.5K Night Vision Mirror Dash Cam

AZDOME PG02S 2.5K Mirrored Driving Recorder, 10" Split Screen Voice Control, Rear View Camera, 170 Degree Night Vision Dual Rear View Camera, With Sony Sensor, Repeating Recording, Parking Mode, 32GB Card

Ultra HD 2.5K resolution and night vision

Original 2.5K UHD (2560*1440/30FPS) rearview mirror camera, 1080P rear view camera, 170° ultra wide viewing angle in front 150°, clear and sharp night videos recording in low light conditions, license plate can be clearly recorded, Completely different from other driving recorders

GPS tracking

Connected to the built-in GPS module, the GPS signal receiver tracks the location and driving speed of your vehicle in real time. When you play a video on your computer, the synchronized Google Maps view shows your vehicle's location, route, and driving speed.

Split screen technology and user interface

The split screen technology can easily adjust the angle, slide up and down to adjust the camera angle, and slide left and right to manually adjust the brightness. User-friendly interface that is easy to use and quick to answer. It allows you to understand the front and rear dynamics of the car while driving in real time without frequent adjustments.

Reverse assistant

When reversing, the 10-inch full touch screen displays a rear view with parking tips to help you park safely, and you can manually adjust the field of view up and down for a better field of view. Parking can help you be safer (to use this function, the red wire of the rear camera must be connected to the positive pole of the reverse light)

Accelerometer and loop recording

The PG02S Mirror Drive Recorder records continuously as soon as it is turned on. Repeat recording to smoothly record videos for 1, 3 and 5 minutes, and delete the oldest video when the memory card is full. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, it automatically locks and saves the video in the event of an event to prevent it from being overwritten by new files.

24 hour parking monitoring

Activate parking mode, the camera will start recording immediately if it detects vibrations or attacks, and gives you practical tips to prevent theft or hit and run, to monitor your vehicle around the clock to ensure 24/7 support. The watch is safe. Parking clock monitoring and delay mode, please use AZDOME hard wire set

AZDOME PG02S 2.5K Night Vision Mirror Dash Cam
AZDOME PG02S 2.5K Night Vision Mirror Dash Cam

  •     ★ [2.5K HD + Wide Angle] AZDOME PG02S Mirror Recorder adopts optimized chipset technology which can achieve Full HD video resolution of 1440p for front camera and 1080p wide angle 170° rear camera. Easy to use and responsive user interface.
  •     ★ [Intelligent Voice Control] Enhanced voice control version, intelligent voice control makes controlling the driving recorder very easy, eliminating the need for hands-free calling while driving, and providing you with a safe and comfortable driving environment. Voice commands: activate recording, turn off screen, stop recording, lock video, take photo, show front camera, show back camera
  •     ★ [Split Screen & GPS] AZDOME PG02S rear view camera supports front and rear view images displayed on the screen at the same time, so that you can monitor the front and rear dynamics of the vehicle in real time while driving. GPS function can help record the actual location, current driving route and real-time driving speed to bring you a safer driving experience.
  •     ★ [Super Night Vision & Wide Dynamic] The mirror camera uses advanced high-sensitivity Sony sensors. Super night vision function can record clear and detailed videos in low light conditions. The wide dynamic function protects your eyes from looking tough in the dark. Obviously, bright or dim light will damage the license plate, traffic light, etc.

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