DahuaOEM Penta-brid XVR51018H  Mini 1U Video Recorder
DahuaOEM Penta-brid XVR51018H  Mini 1U Video Recorder

DahuaOEM Penta-brid XVR51018H 8+4 CH 1080P Lite 1U Mini Digital Video Recorder Support HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP Video Input 5-in-1 DVR NVR XVR

Overview: This class is the perfect solution for upgrading your existing CCTV system. The media supports five-way access technologies such as HDCVI, AHD, TV I, CVBS and IP and can be easily integrated into common industry formats at an affordable price. The chosen download solution is flexible. Supports up to 4/8/16 HDMI/AHD/TV I/CVBS inputs, 2/4/8 IP cameras, 16 channels of local real-time viewing and 16 channels of playback. Smart H.264+ Function: The Smart H.264+ codec can reduce bitrate and storage requirements by up to 70% without having to invest in a new camera. Hemi / AHD / TV I / CVBS Auto Detection: The media can automatically detect the front camera signal without adjusting. This makes the process more user-friendly and convenient. 5 MP Resolution: Medium Supports 5 MP HD (2560 x 1920) IPC input for real-time recording and display. Exit Point: Designed for auxiliary screens. This allows the operator to display a private screen dedicated to a particular camera or to enter video from a higher security zone. Intelligent Video System (IVS): Through integrated intelligent video analysis, the AVS system can detect and analyze moving objects to improve video surveillance. Average provides an optional standard intelligence at the edge, allowing the detection of various object behaviors such as abandoned or missing objects. It also supports trigger wire analysis so that the camera can detect if a certain line has been crossed. Face recognition is a technology that is used to find or identify different uses of people who are looking at the front camera. Smart Search: This feature can help you draw the area during playback to make more motion detection on the video in a short time. It is very useful in emergency situations. This is Penta Bird 1080P Lite Mini 1U 8 Channel DVR, HDMI Out; 1 SATA HDD (Standalone) up to 6TB, 2 USB2.0

  •  8 Channels 5 in 1 Built-in DVR, Support HDCVI/AHD/HDTVI/Analog/IP
  • H.264+/H.264 dual stream video compression, 30fps 720p, 15fps 1080p; 1080p real-time preview
  • Up to 8+ 4 network camera inputs, each channel up to 5MP
  • Intelligent video and search system, without hard disk
  • Dehua Omen xvr501h-08 without logo, lifelong technical support

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