DEEWAZ X3 FHD 1296P Driving Recorde Dash Cam for Cars
DEEWAZ X3 FHD 1296P Driving Recorde Dash Cam for Cars

DEEWAZ Car Driving Recorder, FHD 1296P Driving Recorder, 3 inch IPS, with 32GB Card, Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, WDR, Gravity Sensor, Loop Recording, Screen Protector, Parking Monitor, Motion Detection

Gravity sensor for precise auto lock and exposure trigger

When the gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked and the locked video is not overwritten to ensure important footage is protected.

Repeat exposure constantly

Repeated recording will overwrite the oldest video, automatically freeing up space and automatically saving new videos without manual formatting when the memory card is full. (The locked video will not be overwritten during repeated recording.)

170° Ultra Wide Angle Lens

The DEEWAZ driving recorder uses a 6-layer ultra-wide-angle glass lens that can easily cover 4-5 channels and reduce blind spots. Even when driving on wide highways or large intersections, the driver recorder can capture the picture in front of the vehicle clearly and perfectly

Night vision helps when recording in low light conditions

WDR/HDR technology can capture fast-moving objects with perfect clarity during day and night driving. Automatically adjust contrast and brightness to improve image details in the event of an accident

24 hour monitoring

The driving recorder includes motion detection and parking monitoring. If a suspicious person approaches the vehicle or detects vehicle vibrations, the driving recorder will automatically start, record, lock, save and then turn off

screen saver

If you do not want the LCD screen to remain on all the time (especially at night), you can activate the screen saver function in the camera. The camera will turn off the screen within 30 seconds/minute/2 minutes, which can save energy so that you will not be distracted while driving. .

DEEWAZ X3 FHD 1296P Driving Recorde Dash Cam for Cars
DEEWAZ X3 FHD 1296P Driving Recorde Dash Cam for Cars

  •     [Large 3 inch LCD drive recorder with 3 inch HD IPS screen, easy to use for menu navigation and video playback, 1296p high resolution produces clear images, vivid colors and provides reliable guide for your vehicle to avoid conflicts to be avoided Suitable for Uber / Cars Fare/car sharing or those who need to capture happy sights and moments with their families.
  •     【Superior Night Vision】With the large aperture of F1.8 and WDR technology, night shots and photos are relatively clearer and the license plate is easier to see in low-light conditions, improving safety when driving at night. The large number of compact disc recorders ideal for cars, trucks and SUVs is the most important evidence of car accidents.
  •     [Built-in loop recording/gravity sensor, repeated recording from the car dashboard camera will automatically overwrite older clips to make room for new clips. The built-in G-sensor automatically detects vibration/collision and prevents clips from being overwritten. The scene of an accident or a moment of real horror. "
  •     170 Wide Angle Car Camera The 170 degree field of view is large enough to capture multi-lane highways or large intersections, reduce blind spots, capture more details, and the fixed focus glass provides better light transmission for capturing clear videos.
  •     [Reliable accompaniment to your car] The DEEWAZ driving recorder turns on / off automatically when the car engine is started or stopped. Standby mode reduces unnecessary recording time and starts recording when a collision is detected.

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