Dell S2722DGM 27 Inch 165Hz QHD Curved Monitor
Dell S2722DGM 27 Inch 165Hz QHD Curved Monitor

The Dell 27-S2722DGM Curved Gaming Monitor is designed for: An amazing 165Hz refresh rate that lets you see fast visual effects with stunning clarity and quick response. Not only will your gameplay be sharper, but with MPRT/2ms response time in grayscale, the same pixels can change color almost instantly to eliminate motion blur. The Dell 27" Curved Gaming Monitor also enables VRR for game consoles. The 27" QHD Curved Monitor delivers 77% more screen content than Full HD resolution. The 1500R curved screen with its 3-sided narrow bezel improves the field of view and reduces distortion, glare and reflection for a truly great gaming experience.

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The picture is perfect: the game is not only sharper, but also has a grayscale response time of 1ms MPRT/2ms. The pixel itself changes color almost instantly to remove motion blur.

Incredible clarity: Fast and responsive gameplay with AMD FreeSync Premium technology immerses you in fierce battles. The game console's VRR support function is enabled on this screen.

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See every detail: You won't believe the 27" QHD curved screen will immerse you in, and it offers 77% more screen content than Full HD.

Full Spectrum: VA panel technology delivers a high contrast ratio of 3000:1 for the deepest blacks and brightest whites. Combined with sRGB color coverage of 99%, colors are extremely vivid at wide viewing angles.

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New viewing angle: The 1500R curved screen with narrow bezels improves the field of view while reducing distortion, glare and reflections and delivers a truly immersive gaming experience.

Lighting: The new uniquely designed downlight can provide ambient lighting for gaming in low-light environments.

Stay Cool: The ventilation holes on the back of the monitor are designed to improve heat dissipation so you can play all day long.

Take advantage of every angle: With the new slim and tapered stand, you can easily adjust the height and slope, so you can play comfortably for a long time. The angled base provides stable grip, small footprint, and provides more desk space for additional gaming accessories.

Improve your game: Three custom profiles provide additional customization options. With a timer, FPS counter, and darkness stabilizer, you can manage everything from frame rate and brightness to shadow control. You can also use the new joystick and shortcut buttons on the back of the screen to navigate and manage the OSD menu.

Customizable convenience: Simply use the quick-release slot behind the display panel to secure the display for quick and easy installation.

No flicker: DC brightness control, no screen flicker, for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Play longer: ComfortView reduces harmful blue light radiation and helps reduce eye strain during your next marathon.

Dell S2722DGM 27 Inch 165Hz QHD Curved Monitor
Dell S2722DGM 27 Inch 165Hz QHD Curved Monitor

  •  New look: This 1500R gaming monitor provides a truly immersive experience, provides a more realistic visual effect and a comfortable viewing experience
  • View all: Quad-curved QHD display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 on a 27-inch panel
  • Smoother experience: 165Hz refresh rate enables fast visual effects with amazing clarity and lower latency
  • Excellent Clarity: Advanced AMD FreeSync technology keeps gamers in battle and delivers a fast, responsive and smooth gaming experience
  • Winning from every angle: Thanks to the new slim conical stand, which can be easily adjusted in height and slope, you can play comfortably for a long time

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