DLseego Switch Wireless Controller Turbo Motion
DLseego Switch Wireless Controller Turbo Motion

DLseego Wireless Switch Controller Compatible with Switch / Switch Pro, Computer Enhanced Bluetooth Remote Controller, Use for Games, Turbo, Sports, Vibration Function, Alarm Function

Six-axis somatosensory technology

3-speed adjustable turbine vibration level! Press 4 buttons: Z, ZL, R, ZR for 3 seconds and then you can choose the best turbo speed to fight and become the last person standing.

blast function

Press one of the following buttons: A, B, X, Y, LR, ZL, ZR and press the "TURBO" button at the same time, the console will switch to sequential recording mode!

The burst function frees up the player's fingers and helps you improve the accuracy and speed of the game.

PC / Switch / Switch Pro

The wireless bluetooth function of the controller can be paired with professional switches/keys.

It can also be used on PC! Use a Type-C cable to connect to your computer and enjoy

DLseego Switch Wireless Controller Turbo Motion
DLseego Switch Wireless Controller Turbo Motion

  •     ☘️ COMPATIBILITY - The Switch Controller is suitable for all Switch games. Can be used with all Nintendo games. Use the wireless controller to activate the switch for more comfortable in-game feedback and optimal gaming experience.
  •     ☘️ High-performance controller that supports 6-axis spindle function and dual-motor vibration function. Precise key configuration with ease of use. Supports accurate operation, even four-speed vibration, automatic and semi-automatic shooting, acceleration, gravity detection and other functions. Alarm function: Turn on your console, start the game right away and enjoy.
  •     ☘️ AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL TURBO FUNCTIONS - This professional key controller supports automatic and manual turbo operations with 3 adjustable turbo speeds, so you can enjoy a more relaxing in-game combat experience. Trigger and rocker buttons are adapted to the size of the finger, reducing finger fatigue, more non-slip details and low friction to ensure comfortable operation.
  •     ☘️ Ergonomically designed concave vibrator, relieve finger pressure, defined grip, more suitable for hands, non-slip matte material can prevent sweating. Remap buttons that are easy to control when you need to press R, Zr, L or ZL at the same time. All designs allow you to immerse yourself further in the game world.
  •     ❤ TWO CONNECTION WAYS - Support wireless connection and Type-C connection, which is convenient for you to connect. A charging cable is included so you can continue playing games without interruption.

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