Kinhank X Stick Game Consoles with 33000+ Games
Kinhank X Stick Game Consoles with 33000+ Games

Kinhank Super Console X Stick Game Console Contains Over 33,000 Games Console Game Console And TV System Combined In One Support 4K HD Output With 2 Controllers Support 5 Players Support PSP/N64/PS1/DC Single Gift For men (64 GB)

Super Console X Stick is the latest video game console for 4K TV
Thousands of classic games that will bring back your childhood memories
Playing these games with children will be very interesting and meaningful

Dual system, support games, download the APP by yourself
Find information on Google, watch TV online, and have more fun
It will be of great help for our life and entertainment.

Key Features of the Super Console-X PRO Video Game Console

1. Equipped with game system and TV system to support games, download applications, search for information and TV online.
2. S905X chip, 64-bit games more powerful and smooth, high configuration and high speed.
3. Plug and play, more interesting.
4. Supports cards up to 256GB (Video tutorials are provided to help you expand the SD card).
5. Open source system, supports adding games automatically (with video tips about adding games).
6. Android 7.1, apk can be installed and uninstalled without restrictions.
7. Support LAN/WIFI network connection, suitable for downloading games via LAN/WIFI.
8. Supports output up to 4K @ 60Hz, HDMI output 1080/720 HD.
9. Help up to 5 people to play at the same time and play multiplayer games with your family and friends.
10- If necessary, we can send you the game list.

Kinhank X Stick Game Consoles with 33000+ Games
Kinhank X Stick Game Consoles with 33000+ Games

  •  [Dual System] Equipped with TV system and game system upgrades, support switching between game system and TV system at will, support games, download apps, search information on google and TV online. These rich functions make it a good helper for leisure and work.
  • [Rich Classic Games] More than 48 simulators and more than 33,000 pre-installed games. Open source Linux system, upgrade S905X chip, more powerful functions, solve frame drop problem, perfectly play PSP/PS1/DC/N64/NDS/MAME and other 64-bit games. It is very convenient to save the game progress at any time.
  • [4K HD Screen, Easy to Use] Simply connect the TV with an HDMI cable, support 4K HD connection, 1080P HD picture quality, and easily enjoy the lively and exciting video games on the big screen.
  • [WiFi Connection] Support WiFi function. It is very easy to download games from the internet, and you can also add games by yourself.
  • [Up to 5 People] Supports up to 5 people at the same time, and you can play multiplayer games with your family and friends. Equipped with two wireless game controllers, the console connection distance is 8-10 meters, so you can enjoy the game on the sofa.

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