Lorex N882A38B 32 Channel IP Ultra HD Pro Video Recorder
Lorex N882A38B 32 Channel IP Ultra HD Pro Video Recorder

Lorex N882A38B 32 Channels, 16 Ports PoE, 4K Security 2x4TB IP Ultra HD Pro Series NVR with Lorex Cloud Connect, Audio, Multiple Recording Modes, Black (Recorder Only)

The N882 series NVR is a professional 32-channel security video recorder. It can record 4K HD videos (30 frames per second) in real time, reduce the number of motion notifications thanks to the intelligent detection of people and vehicles, and since the two hard disk slots each support up to 10 TB, they can store a lot of recordings. It can also be easily connected to the Lorex cloud app or PC/Mac client for remote viewing and push notifications of sports or email notifications and camera customization. With all of the above and without the cost of cloud storage or post-purchase monitoring, this logger is ideal for your business or commercial property no matter its size.

Ultra HD 4K NVR recording is a powerful device. Nothing can be imagined in 4K. The high pixel count (3840 x 2160 and 1920 x 1080) gives your videos great detail and resolution and clearly defines the unique characteristics of objects on the camera while maintaining vibrant color performance. Having more than 8 million pixels can also prevent image distortion or distortion when using digital zoom.

Regional Search Use Lorex's regional search to quickly find what you're looking for. Select an area of ​​interest to easily play any video that shows scene changes in that area, or filter by specific sports events to see only the sports you want to watch (eg people/cars). Very suitable for railway, railway, etc.

Lorex N882A38B 32 Channel IP Ultra HD Pro Video Recorder
Lorex N882A38B 32 Channel IP Ultra HD Pro Video Recorder

  •  4K Ultra HD Lorex NVR: A pre-installed 2 x 4 TB hard drive with a maximum capacity of 20 TB. The NVR system has a built-in capacity of 16 channels. Expand your system to 32 channels by adding a POE switch, which increases your monitoring space. It has an integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) port. Watch live footage at up to 30 frames per second and digitally zoom in on distant objects for better clarity.
  • Senior Management and Vehicle Detection: When the movement of people/vehicles is detected, you will receive instant notifications of movement. Reduce unnecessary alarms and false positives with advanced motion detection. Use smart search to filter sporting events and view your photos quickly and easily.
  • Audio: The N882 NVR series supports audio from any channel without a secondary connection. Audio is sent to the NVR using the same Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet cable that connects the camera to the NVR. Thus, all you need is a Lorex camera that supports audio listening.
  • Improvement: Lorex cloud application for smartphones and tablets. Programmed to automatically replace the old lens with the new one. Multiple recording modes. N882 Series NVRs can receive either High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) files or H.265 video compression files.
  • RECORDING AND COMPATIBILITY: Including NVR, Power Adapter, USB Mouse, Ethernet Cable, HDMI Cable, and Manual. This NVR is compatible with our full line of IP Security Cameras. This includes all 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 7MP and 8MP network cameras.

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