Lorex N882A63B 4K UHD Network Video Recorder
Lorex N882A63B 4K UHD Network Video Recorder

Lorex N882A63B NVR is a professional 16 channel video recorder. It can record 4K HD videos (30 frames per second) in real time, reduce the number of motion notifications thanks to the intelligent detection of people and vehicles, and since the two hard disk slots each support up to 10 TB, they can store a lot of recordings. It can also be easily connected to the Lorex cloud app or PC/Mac client for remote viewing and push notifications of sports or email notifications and camera customization. With all this and without the cost of cloud storage or post-purchase monitoring, this logger is ideal for your business or commercial property, no matter its size.

Ultra HD 4K recording

NVR is useful. Nothing can be imagined in 4K. The increased pixel count (3840 x 2160 and 1920 x 1080) adds detail and clarity to your video and clearly defines the unique characteristics of objects on the camera while maintaining vibrant color performance. Having more than 8 million pixels can also prevent image distortion or distortion when using digital zoom.

area search

Use the Lorex Finder to quickly find what you're looking for. Select an area of ​​interest to easily play any video that shows scene changes in that area, or filter a specific sporting event to see only the sports you want to watch (eg people/cars). Very suitable for entry corridors, driveways, etc.

Plug and play installation via PoE

Connect the IP camera to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) port for a plug-and-play monitoring experience. Due to PoE technology, each camera only needs one Ethernet cable to connect to the NVR. Simply connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the camera and the other end to the NVR - the camera is ready.

Lorex N882A63B 4K UHD Network Video Recorder
Lorex N882A63B 4K UHD Network Video Recorder

  • Professional Security Video Recorder: N882A63B NVR is a professional 16 channel security video recorder. It can record 4K Ultra HD videos in real time (30 frames per second), reduce the number of motion notifications with smart person and vehicle recognition, and record plenty of recordings thanks to two hard drive slots, each supporting a capacity of up to 10TB
  • Reliable Security Level Hard Drive: The NVR has a built-in 3TB Security Level Hard Drive that meets your 24/7 monitoring needs while providing enough storage space for all your recorded videos. The storage capacity can be up to 20TB (2 x 10TB) with enough space to securely store all the moving events that you can't access.
  • Pros: The N882 Series NVR can receive either High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) files or H.265 video compression files. Compared with advanced H.264 video codec, you can save up to 40% storage space by using this function. So please continue to add one of the new Lorex 4K series of security cameras to your security system. It comes with HEVC compression that allows you to get 4 times the resolution of 1080p without the need for a large 4K file size
  • Two Storage Locations: The NVR has two independent hard drive slots. Each can be upgraded with up to 10TB hard drives for a total storage capacity of 20TB. You can also use your second hard drive to record video alongside your primary hard drive. In this way, the snapshot will be automatically saved if the hard disk recording fails
  • Multiple Recording Modes: Customize the NVR recording settings to suit your needs. It can record recordings continuously within a certain time frame or only when motion is detected. If you just want to record touching events, you don't have to worry about missing the first important moments

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