Momen YS53 Non-Slip Big Grip Nintendo Switch Controller
Momen YS53 Non-Slip Big Grip Nintendo Switch Controller

Momen YS53 Grip Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, Wireless Controller Replacement L/R Switch Pro Joycon, Support Large Non-slip Handle 8 Colors Adjustable LED Alarm Function

 How do I connect to a Nintendo Switch?

A: traditional connection

When you connect the console to the console, it automatically connects, the Joy-Con stays paired when separated from the console, and you can use it wirelessly.

B: Reconnect the bluetooth

Press the Home button or the Record button to reconnect the console to the console. 4 The LED on the side will start flashing normally to indicate reconnection.

How do I calibrate the controller joystick?

Method: After connecting the switch, rotate the joystick circuit 1 to the maximum angle to automatically complete the calibration.

 LED settings

1. Color Mode

Keyboard shortcut: press and hold the T button and the joystick at the same time, then release to change the color

Effects: 1. Red 2. Orange 3 Yellow 4. Green 5. Cyan 6. Blue 7. Purple 8 Rainbow

Hold T and the joystick to change the brightness, then release the joystick to adjust the brightness. The controller vibrates during adjustment.

2- breathing mode

Keyboard shortcut: Hold down the T button and press the joystick twice. Effects: 1. Eight-color automatic cycle 2. Rainbow breathing light mode 3. Turn off the light

Press the joystick twice to change the lighting mode. (Press the joystick twice to change the type of light. The controller will vibrate while it is set)

Momen YS53 Non-Slip Big Grip Nintendo Switch Controller
Momen YS53 Non-Slip Big Grip Nintendo Switch Controller

  •  🎮 [Professional Performance] This game console is specially designed for Nintendo Switch. It supports 6-axis gyroscope, dual motor vibration and turbo charger function which is great for playing Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Jet Warrior 2, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing etc. Great alternative to Nintendo Switch game consoles.
  • 🎮 [Ergonomic and Non-Slip Design] The ergonomic design and lightweight materials make the operating time of the Joycon Wireless Controller more comfortable. Large buttons and joysticks prevent accidental pressing of other buttons. The back of the Joycon has a special anti-slip pattern to increase the friction and reduce the uncomfortable sweating of the hands to bring you the most comfortable gaming experience.
  • 🎮 [Card Back Button] This wireless controller has a card back button (M). You can assign any of the buttons to the rectangular button (3L/3R) when using this controller. You can allocate each of the keys X / Y / A / B / Z / L..... to a rectangular key to make it easier to activate hard-to-reach keys.
  • 🎮 [Easy to Connect] It is easy to connect the console to this control board, and it can get stable signal through wireless / wired connection and automatically reconnect. Pull the host into the Switch host and the Nintendo Switch host will automatically connect to the host and plug and play. Note: You cannot touch the joystick during the pairing process. After pairing is complete, wait 5 seconds before using the controller.
  • 🎮 [8 Colors LED Ring Light] Well Designed 8-Color Adjustable LED Ring Light! This is the coolest joycon controller with 7 colors and LED rainbow lights and 3 different lighting modes: monochrome mode, breathable color mode and rainbow mode on the left and right controllers.

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