Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder
Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder

Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X 16+8 Channels 5MP 1U Mini Digital Video Recorder Supports 16 HD-CVI/HD-TVI/AHD/Analog Channels up to 5MP, 8 Additional IP Channels up to 6MP, 1 SATA HDD (Not Included) 5 in 1 DVR NVR XVR


This XVR lite series from Dahua Technology offers a good solution with low cost, high performance and high quality. With the introduction of Smart H.265+/H.265, the series improves encryption efficiency, saves bandwidth/storage costs, and significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).


H.265 + Smart
Compared with H.264, H.265+ intelligent codec can reduce bit rate and storage requirements by up to 90% without having to invest in a new camera.

Automatic detection of HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS

XVR can automatically detect the signal from the front camera without any setting.

HD camera input

XVR supports 5MP HDCVI camera and 6MP IP camera input.

Sound / Upgrade / Critical Alert

The compact design can reduce wiring problems, making it cheaper and easier to install.

remote transmission

HDCVI supports long distance transmission over coaxial cable and larger UTP. 4K/4 MP 700M, 1080P 800M and 720P 1200M.

Intelligent fan design

The smart fan can be turned on or off automatically depending on the temperature of the processor. This function can effectively reduce fan noise and provide a better user experience.

Intelligent Video System (IVS)

Integrated intelligent video analysis function. (see user manual)

Face recognition

This is a typical technique that is used to find or identify people in different applications.

smart scanning

This feature can help you draw the area during playback so that more motion detection can be done in the video in a short period of time. It is very useful in emergency situations.

This is a Penta-brid 5MP Lite Mini 1U 16+8 Channel DVR, HDMI Out; 1 SATA Hard Disk Drive (Standalone) up to 10 TB, one audio, two-way communication, 2 USB2.0, remote control
Operating instructions can be found at

Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder
Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder

  •  H.265+/H.265. Dual stream video compression
  • Supports HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVBS / IP video input up to 5 MP
  • The maximum input of the network camera is 24 channels, each channel is up to 6 MP; The maximum incoming bandwidth is 96 Mbit/s

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