Samsung S65UA Series 34" Computer Monitor QHD (3440 x 1440), 100Hz, Curved, USB-C, HDR10 (Billion Colors), Height-Adjustable Stand, TUV Certified Smart Eye Protection (LS34A654UXNXGO)

The S65U Ultra QHD display adopts the latest curved screen technology, providing maximum user comfort and work efficiency. The S65's display offers a 1000R curve, 21:9 aspect ratio and USB Type-C port with 90W charging power. With HDR10 technology, colors come alive and vibrant, while TÜV-certified eye comfort care can reduce eye strain and maintain work efficiency. The minimalist, virtually borderless design, sleek cable management and slim, slim base ensure a tidy and tidy place to work.

 I feel completely immersed

Immerse yourself in the details. In games, movies, or design projects, you can use a 34-inch wide-angle curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Ultra WQHD is the easiest way to maximize your screen space. Experience your screen and see on one screen truly fluid multitasking.

Increase focus and calm

Improve work efficiency and reduce eye fatigue during long working hours. The 1000R curvature perfectly matches the curvature of the human field of view, so the content becomes clear in a jiffy. It has also been proven to reduce eye strain and provide a more enjoyable experience compared to flat panel displays.

 Enjoy a billion colors with amazing depth

Enjoy any content with stunning accuracy and color detail. With a wide color gamut, virtually unlimited color gamut, and HDR10 to make dark colors darker and light colors lighter, any content looks interesting and can be experienced exactly as the creator intended.

 Free your eyes from stress

Keep your eyes fresh and stress free. For late night projects, brightness and color temperature are automatically adjusted to optimize in any environment. The S6 is TÜV Smart Eye Protection certified and protects the eyes from excessive blue light with its eye protection mode and no-flicker function.

Constant focus for optimum productivity

With a virtually borderless design, you can focus on your work and reduce disruptions. Or you can use two screens to scan between multiple apps, emails or documents without being distracted by the semi-smooth continuity complemented by a thin metal back to suit any aesthetic requirement.

Follow the procedure

Make your entertainment experience smoother than ever. AMD FreeSync technology keeps the display and graphics card refresh rate in sync to reduce stuttering and ghosting. Movies and games run uninterrupted, and even fast-paced action scenes are super responsive and smooth.

Fast refresh rate 100Hz

The fast refresh rate of 100Hz can provide the mouse sensitivity more and more smoothly to improve the working efficiency of each application. It can also reduce screen freezing in fast-paced action scenes and provide an optimal gaming experience.


  •  Excellent picture quality: (WQHD, VA panel, HDR 10 and 1 billion colors)
  • 1000R curvature
  • Ergonomic: Height-adjustable stand, can be tilted, swivels and rotated
  • Multi Ports: USB-C port with 90W charging power, LAN port
  • TUV Certification: Intelligent Eye Protection (Adaptive Image, Eye Protection Mode, No Flicker)
  • AMD FreeSync monitor refresh rate is 100Hz
  • Simplify productivity with borderless PIP and PIP design

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