VAV 4K Dash Cam Wi-Fi Night Vision Car Dash Camera
VAV 4K Dash Cam Wi-Fi Night Vision Car Dash Camera

4K VAV Driving Recorder, Wi-Fi 3840X2140 @ 30Fps Car Driving Recorder, with Sony Night Vision Sensor, Driving Recorder with Standby, Gravity Sensor, Repeat Recording

Ultra HD 4K resolution

It relies on the Ambarella H22 chisel and Sony IMX317 sensor to deliver real-time images at speeds up to 3840 * 2160 @ 30 fps, so you can see every detail with four times the clarity of 1080p recording even in low light.

24 hour parking monitoring

When your vehicle is parked with the engine off, the dashboard camera will monitor the area around the vehicle, including small vibrations or body movements, to keep the vehicle safe. The gravity sensor with collision detection can instantly record collision video for insurance claims.

tachograph with instant button

It is located on the steering wheel and allows you to quickly detect accidents when crossing your street; Long press the button to record a short video of 20 seconds.

Share screenshots seamlessly

Via WiFi connection, you can easily access the snapshots in the app without having to extract a micro SD card. You can easily view, download and share your recordings on social media anytime and anywhere via the app.

Video evidence protection

You can automatically capture unexpected driving accidents and record collision videos to protect your safety and legal rights. The APP sends evidence directly to the police and insurance companies.

VAV 4K Dash Cam Wi-Fi Night Vision Car Dash Camera
VAV 4K Dash Cam Wi-Fi Night Vision Car Dash Camera

  •     True 4K Ultra HD: This drive recorder can deliver Ultra HD 4K / 25fps video quality even at high speeds. The 155° wide angle captures more details, reduces blind spots when recording video and provides you with excellent image quality.
  •     Driving Recorder with Night Vision Function: The use of Sony's Exmor R sensors improves low-light sensitivity and allows clear recordings in low-light environments, and Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology can record clearly and clearly in any situation (day or night) video.
  •     Powerful WiFi and Tachograph: The fully functional mobile tachograph app can be used to view and share real-time photos and videos on social media or to transmit evidence directly to police and insurance companies via mobile phones.
  •     24 Hours Parking Monitoring: Built-in battery, the dashcam works automatically and records a short video after detecting vibration or vibration during parking. It can prove that someone damaged your car and put your mind at ease.
  •     Loop Recording: When the drive recorder is turned on, it automatically switches to recording mode and the recorded video is recorded as 1 minute, 2 minute or 3 minute clip using the auto-repeat mechanism. Supports cards up to 256 GB (U3).

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