ZOSI H.265+ 5MP Lite Hybrid 4-in-1 HD Video Recorders
ZOSI H.265+ 5MP Lite Hybrid 4-in-1 HD Video Recorders

ZOSI 1AR-08ZN10-US1 H.265 + 5MP Lite Hybrid 8 Channels 4 in 1 HD TVI CCTV DVR, 8 Channels 1080P Surveillance Video Recorder, with 1TB HDD for Home Security Camera System, Mobile Phone Remote Access, Motion Detection

Four in one Security DVR

Four-in-one Security DVR: The four-in-one DVR supports analog, TVI, CVI, and AHD security cameras. High compatibility can easily connect different cameras.

8 Channels DVR: The DVR supports up to 8 cameras, so you can choose different cameras based on your security needs. Zosi offers bullet cameras, dome cameras, black and white cameras compatible with the system.

Customizable motion detection area of ​​the camera

Adjust the motion detection area for each camera to reduce the number of false positives.

Hide a specific area on each screen to protect the privacy of the situation.

Multiple recording modes

Continuous Recording: Whatever it is, the DVR records continuously

Schedule Recording: Record according to your custom schedule time.

Motion Detection Record: The DVR only records when motion is detected.

Recycle history: Allows the DVR to overwrite old video files on the hard disk.

ZOSI H.265+ 5MP Lite Hybrid 4-in-1 HD Video Recorders
ZOSI H.265+ 5MP Lite Hybrid 4-in-1 HD Video Recorders

  •  [H.265 + 8CH 5MP Lite HD-TVI DVR with 1TB Security Hard Disk] - With H.265 technology, it can double the data compression rate, maintain high image quality even at low bitrate, increase storage space and enjoy long recordings. Supports long-term continuous recording and backup via USB. The DVr can be configured to automatically overwrite the oldest lens stored internally, or you can transfer these video files to a USB drive or external hard drive via USB.
  • [Compatible with 720P, 1080P and 5MP CCTV systems. Allows you to add 8 CCTV cameras 720P, 1080P, 3MP (12.5 fps), 4MP (12.5 fps), 5MP (12.5 fps)
  • [Privacy and Mobile Viewing] You can block certain areas of each camera. This serves to maintain confidentiality in certain situations. People cannot see certain areas or events. Instant remote access anytime, anywhere via Wi-Fi / 2G / 3G / 4G on your smartphone, tablet and PC. Wherever you are, you will never miss a moment of local and far reading
  • [Advanced Motion Detection and Instant Alarm] You can customize a specific motion detection area for each camera to reduce false alarms. When the camera detects movement, smart push notifications and email notifications will be sent to your phone.
  • [Customize different shooting modes for each camera. ZOSI DVR offers 4 recording modes to meet your needs: continuous recording; admission on a specified date; Record only when motion is detected; Restore the registry. You can customize different recording modes for each camera and download recording files for USB backup.

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