Samsung is removing ads from some of its apps
Samsung is removing ads from some of its apps

Samsung has confirmed that it will no longer display controversial ads in standard apps such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.

Previously, Roh Tae-mun, President of Mobile, responded to an employee's question about announcing the apps at an internal meeting with Samsung Suwon Digital City employees.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Moon said, “We have made the decision to remove ads from major apps such as Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Themes. We are looking at new growth opportunities in content and advertising services such as games and media to add to the Galaxy built-in experience.

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“One of our most important tasks is to create a customer experience based on that,” he added. We do our best to provide useful information to customers by searching for and recommending Content Services or the Galaxy Store.

Some consumers, executives, and employees have reacted negatively to ads in these core apps lately.

"Samsung has decided to stop advertising for its apps, including Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Themes, and updates will be ready later this year," the company said in a statement.

She added, “Our priority is to deliver innovative mobile experiences to our customers based on their needs and desires. We value user feedback and continue to work to provide them with the best experience of our Galaxy products and services.

Samsung is removing ads from some of its apps

The company has not yet announced an exact date for removing the ads from its app. However, Yonhap News previously reported that this change was made through an upcoming One UI software update.

These three apps do not provide a complete list of apps that contain these ads, and Samsung Health is another prime example.

However, it is a step in the right direction. The company has caught the attention of the media and its fans over the past couple of years by practicing numerous advertisements in its programs.

It is not yet clear how far-reaching this change will be or whether it will affect ads sent through notifications and other methods.

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