Self-driving cars are not a solution to climate change
Self-driving cars are not a solution to climate change

A new Harvard Law School study concludes that the fleet of self-driving electric taxis could significantly increase rather than reduce energy consumption and emissions that contribute to climate change.

For years, reports have suggested that self-driving electric taxis could help fight climate change by reducing air pollution. But it is said that zero-emissions vehicles can exacerbate many of the problems we face today.

Although emissions from electric cars themselves are lower than those from conventional fuel vehicles, the study showed that the widespread use of electric autonomous taxis on US roads could lead to increased trips. , mileage and total emissions.

Traffic is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, with the largest share coming from light vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

Replacing some of these trips with electric, self-driving cars that are part of the passenger fleet could help offset some of these emissions.

But studying data from San Francisco. The team found that ubiquitous electric taxis could eliminate this energy savings. It does this by increasing the demand for automobile use while decreasing vehicle assembly.

This is mainly because the general public view it as simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Self-driving cars are not a solution to air conditioning

Studies show that emissions from traffic can increase. In fact, no car trip would ever leave without an electric taxi. More and more people are giving up swimming pools and using electric taxis for solo travellers.

The study challenges the auto and auto industry's claims that the emergence of such vehicles will benefit the environment.

The media helped spread the idea that electric taxis would fight the effects of climate change. Headlines like "How Self-Driving Cars Can Reduce Emissions".

The Harvard team concluded that promoting car sharing would go a long way in improving the climate for self-driving cars in the future.

Electric taxis need to be more than 50% cleaner than current electric vehicles to reduce emissions. This takes into account the expected increase in flights.

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