Twitter has suspended the confirmation request again
Twitter has suspended the confirmation request again

Twitter suddenly stopped accessing the verification process. The platform's official account tweeted that the access review feature has been temporarily suspended to improve the app and review process.

In light of the recent incident in July, the platform checked six fake accounts that allegedly started sending spam in Korean, so the decision to stop this process again makes sense.

The change comes because the platform does not allow beginners to submit verification requests as it admits that many fake accounts (which appear to be part of the bot) have been incorrectly verified.

When the company reopened public verification for the first time in nearly four years this year, many people who wanted the blue verification badge were optimistic.

But that hope was short-lived, as the platform began halting operations and reopened in June.

The platform's verification account reads: "We have suspended access to the verification request so that we can improve the application and review process." For those who waited, we know it can be disappointing. We hope it works, thank you for your patience.

This does not mean that the platform does not verify your account when placing an order. The company said it is working hard to review all applications it has received as quickly as possible.

Twitter has suspended the confirmation request again

It should be noted that not everyone can submit verification requests on the platform. This is because the company is slowly starting to provide access to orders.

A spokesperson told the platform that it will offer apps again in the coming weeks. The platform did not say that it was changing its criteria to consider account verification.

Platform startup and shutdown issues while using verification software illustrate the difficulties that badge versioning can cause, and users sometimes see this as identity verification.

The platform said that the purpose of the badge is to show that the account is real, unique, and active. But even these criteria can provoke controversy if a celebrity's nomination is rejected. Especially when it is clear that fake accounts have been successfully obtained.

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