Waymo builds autonomous truck hub in Texas
Waymo builds autonomous truck hub in Texas

Waymo has announced plans to build a 9-acre standalone shipping center near Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

The Alphabet-owned company also said it has partnered with truck rental company Ryder to manage the fleet because it wants to increase delivery parts and logistics for its business.

South Dallas Center is the company's primary operations center for the state's independent truck fleet.

The center is under construction and could accommodate hundreds of trucks and employees as the company is about to use its fully autonomous vehicles to launch large freight operations. However, the company has yet to determine the exact point in time.

The company is currently testing a fifth-generation driver in its fleet of eight trucks, a term that describes a combination of artificial intelligence hardware, sensors and software.

The company also works with JB Hunt Transport Services to move goods on several Texas highways.

Waymo continues to work with Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, on developing a fully autonomous Tier 4 truck system.

Waymo builds autonomous truck hub in Texas

While Waymo's self-driving minivans are the main focus of public attention, they operate in Arizona as part of a restricted transportation service. The company's plans to announce the launch of its commercial freight business have received less attention.

The company has a fleet of Peterbilt trucks that have been upgraded with sensors and self-driving software. It is currently being tested in Arizona, California and Texas.

The truck runs automatically during testing and commercial delivery. But he has two employees at Waymo, a commercial license driver and a software engineer who sit in the cab and watch the player.

Additionally, Waymo said he is working with Ryder to assist with fleet management services.

This includes fleet maintenance, inspections and roadside assistance. Despite the fact that both companies see opportunities for future services.

Waymo has completed similar transactions with Avis and AutoNation for its fleet of independent taxis in Arizona and California.

Additionally, Waymo has been researching independent trucks since 2017 and plans to launch a full-scale freight and delivery service called Waymo Via.

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