What is a bottleneck and how to avoid it
What is a bottleneck and how to avoid it

Millions of professional gamers around the world depend on the PC platform to play their games. In addition, personal computers are the main equipment for work and study. And the obstacle that anyone can face when building a new computer.

This issue occurs when trying to mix and match incompatible hardware components. The origin of the name is based on the literal meaning of the bottleneck.

The noun can be explained using the example of pouring water. If you pour water from a bottle with a narrow neck, the flow of water will be very slow. As opposed to pouring water into a wide-necked glass.

If the internal components of the PC are incompatible, the same thing happens between them. One part can provide large capacity, but other parts can't.

The bottleneck in hardware

This problem mainly occurs between the two main components of a PC. These are GPUs and CPUs.

Basically, these components work together to run the game, which is one of the most important uses and biggest hurdle of a computer.

This is because the CPU is primarily responsible for running the game because it receives and processes data and then sends it to the GPU for graphics processing. If there are significant differences in capabilities between the two parties, there will be a bottleneck.

Effects on gaming PCs

It is not the same in the concept of a gaming computer, but its meaning is different. Because the integration between the graphics processor and the gaming computer center is absolutely necessary. It is different from normal use such as using the computer to surf the Internet and play videos even if it is there, it does not allow users to feel the problem.

Refer to the water flow example above. Gaming PC users must achieve the highest possible frames per second (FPS) rate to get the best experience and outperform the competition. The amount of water in the first example is the number of tires.

One of these two components is "dumping" the data. If the nozzle is too narrow, that is, there is a bottleneck, this affects the whole playing experience and the connection between the parts is disturbed.

When using modern components together, bottlenecks are unlikely, especially if they are in the same price range.

Example of the problem and how to avoid it

An example of a bottleneck is the use of cards like the GTX 1660 and processors like the AMD A10 5800K. You experience serious performance issues when trying to run the game in 1080p. Due to the good performance of the graphics card and not the age, the performance of the processor is very poor.

In this experiment, the game appears to be consuming 100% of the CPU power while the graphics card is only consuming 50%, producing only 30-40 frames.

If you replace the old processor with a newer Ryzen7 2700X with the same other components, the device can use all its resources and reach more than 60 frames.

The CPU itself or the graphics processor can create a bottleneck. In other cases, the processor may be high-end and powerful, but the graphics card may not be.

If there is one, the bottleneck can be identified by a program like the popular MSI Afterburner. While there are dedicated websites that offer disabled IT services. All you have to do is enter the processor name and video card name and the website will tell you if there are any compatibility issues between them.

And based on all of the above. This problem can be avoided by purchasing compatible internal components of the same generation and price range. And do not try to combine very powerful processors with normal graphics cards and vice versa. It is for motherboard compatibility.

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