What is a SaaS model and what is service software like?
What is a SaaS model and what is service software like?

The term SaaS is often used to describe certain types of software. However, many users may not understand the meaning of this term or what it means in rating software.

This term is not only used by programmers. In fact, many companies use this model in their business. Therefore, all employees should understand this, even if they are salespeople or receptionists. Also interested in the technical field.

The SaaS model is one of the most important when it comes to software distribution, licensing, and deployment. Almost all users have used SaaS-style software, even if they are not familiar with it.

SaaS model for software distribution

SaaS is an acronym for the English expression "Software as a Service". The goal is to provide software as a service. Companies provide services to their clients in many areas, and these services were the origin of the software.

A program can simply be described as a program that can be used regularly, usually through a browser, without the need to download or install it.

The entire SaaS delivery system is based on the cloud. this is normal. This is because, under normal circumstances, users need to download the installer to their PC. But for SaaS, the software can be used without installation.

So most of us have used applications based on the SaaS model. According to the latest statistics, 86% of companies and organizations plan to have SaaS-based software by 2022.

Service program type

The SaaS model can be described in many Arabic terms, including Software as a Service or Software as a Service. There are two main types of this program.

The first type of service program is called a vertical program. These are services that provide services to certain types of users in certain regions. Like Cleo only serves law firms.

The second type is horizontal, the software serves businesses and users from all walks of life. Take Quickbooks, which businesses and organizations can use to do their accounting work in the cloud. In fact, it is an application that can only be accessed through a browser.

It clearly shows us the benefits of the service program. Because no special hardware is required for operation. In addition, it reduces the cost of IT services for companies, not to mention the centralization of data and allowing anyone interested to access data from anywhere.

However, there are some minor flaws. For example, worrying about information and data leaks as they are now in the cloud and not on the user's device. If your Internet speed is limited, it is difficult to use service programs whenever possible.

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