Windows 11 receives updated core applications
Windows 11 receives updated core applications

Microsoft is working on improving some of the built-in apps available in Windows 11.

Windows Insider Developer Channel subscribers can now test new updates to the screenshot tool, calculator, messaging and calendar apps.

A couple of minor updates though. But they are all designed to adapt to the new visual style of the operating system.

Microsoft is replacing the operating system's classic Snipping, Snipping, and Drawing apps with the new Snipping Tool, which combines the best features of these two apps.

The keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + S is the primary way to take screenshots in Windows 11. It can also activate the widget menu with various options to choose what you need to take the screenshot.

After taking a screenshot, the screenshot tool includes editing options like crop, annotate, etc. The company is adding a dark mode to the screenshot tool. So the appearance of the application corresponds to the appearance of the operating system.

If you disable the notification or enable the voting wizard, you will not receive a pop-up notification after taking a screenshot. However, the screenshot is still copied to the clipboard. This will be fixed in a future update.

Microsoft is also updating its Windows 11 Mail and Calendar apps to match the operating system's new visual style.

"We've added rounded corners and other tweaks to make it look like it's part of the operating system," said Dave Grouchy, senior project manager for Windows Mail.

Windows 11 receives updated core applications

The calculator app has also made some small tweaks so that you can separate the theme from the ones you use on the rest of Windows.

Microsoft has also rewritten the calculator in the C# programming language so that developers can contribute to improvements via GitHub.

The calculator app also has useful functions. It's the perfect tool to help you with your math homework, with backgrounds, charts, graphical equations, algebra puzzles, trigonometric functions and complex mathematical expressions.

Programming mode provides comprehensive functionality required for programming and engineering. You can plot one or more equations in graphics mode and then analyze the graph to determine the main features of the graph. In addition to the possibility of converting between more than 100 units and different currencies.

OS testers can now try out individual and group audio or video calls in Microsoft Teams. You can also share your screen, just like in the standard Microsoft Teams app.

It should be noted that these are not the only updated applications for the operating system. Grouchy's post further confirmed that Microsoft hopes to have the new system ready in time for its possible release in October.

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