YouTube has 2 million affiliate program members
YouTube has 2 million affiliate program members

According to YouTube, its affiliate program, which enables users to make money from their videos, has more than 2 million creators.

The plan will help turn the platform into a viable business for top content creators. But when qualified partners did something that didn't reflect well on the platform, it caught the company's attention as well. Temporarily eject advertisers.

Creators eligible to participate in the Partner Program can earn money through ads, subscription fees, donations, live broadcasts, and YouTube Premium earnings.

Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months to participate in the program.

The Google-owned company sometimes struggles to strike a balance between having too many content creators making money from ads and targeting advertisers.

This includes determining when to remove ads from channels that contain harassment or other problematic content.

Although the platform gets some of its revenue from ads from qualified content creators. However, if advertisers are interested in the channel's content, it may remove the ads.

YouTube has 2 million affiliate program members

The platform updated its harassment policy in 2019. This is in response to some content creators being harassed by other content creators. This problem has been the main problem of the site for many years.

Content creators who violate legal or ethical boundaries are penalized by denying them income channels. This also includes the ban on last year's coronavirus videos, which is a sensitive issue.

YouTube Product Manager Neil Mohan said in a blog post that the number of new channels joining the program in 2020 more than doubled compared to 2019.

The number of platform channels with sales in the six-figure range increased 35% year over year. But the platform did not say the exact number of content creators who made that kind of money.

Mohan added, “Finding new ways to financially reward trusted content creators and help them grow their business is always our number one priority.

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