Affected by the energy crisis Apple suppliers have stopped production in China
Affected by the energy crisis Apple suppliers have stopped production in China

In order to comply with stricter energy usage guidelines, several suppliers of Apple and Tesla have suspended production at some factories in China for a few days, putting the supply chain at risk during peak season.

However, two major Taiwan chip makers said their factories in China were operating normally.

This development was due to the fact that China's limited coal supply and stricter emission standards in many areas caused heavy industry to shrink. Analysts said this caused the country's economic growth rate to drop.

Apple supplier Unimicron said its three affiliates in China will stop production by January 1.

The Taiwanese printed circuit board maker does not expect a significant impact as other factories take over production.

According to Eson Precision, a subsidiary of Foxconn Corporation in Taiwan. In a statement, the company halted production at its plant in Kunshan, China, from Sunday to Friday.

Concraft, a supplier of Apple iPhone headphone components, noted. The company, which has a factory in Suzhou, announced that it will stop production for five days until Thursday noon. Inventory is used to meet demand.

UMC and Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC told Reuters that their factories in China will not be affected.

Apple's supply chain may be at risk

Qualcomm is a Taiwanese company's customer. Hejian UMC's facility in Suzhou is currently operating at full capacity and can add 80,000 chips per month.

Two people familiar with the matter told Reuters that Foxconn's Kunshan original equipment plant had little impact on production.

Someone explained that Foxconn had to adapt a small portion of its production capacity to this. Including the manufacture of non-Apple laptops. He added that the company had not yet seen an impact in other major manufacturing centers in China.

In addition, according to the second person, the company had to relocate some workers from Kunshan between the end of September and the beginning of October.

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