Amazon: Elon Musk doesn't care about rules
Amazon: Elon Musk doesn't care about rules

In the ongoing battle between the two companies' plans to build a rival satellite network, Amazon has criticized SpaceX as a persistent rule-breaker.

In lengthy documents submitted to the FCC, this dispute is not new. But this time, Amazon sent FCC officials a list of Elon Musk's past cases with other regulators.

This is a new attempt to postpone SpaceX's fast schedule for deploying its broadband satellites.

In its documents, Amazon wrote in its documents, referring to Musk's complaints that the FAA's regulatory structure was slowing SpaceX's operations, "in an effort to get the companies that Musk runs into compliance with aviation regulations."

She added, "He was trying to persuade the company that Musk runs to comply with health and safety rules, referring to the problem between Musk and officials trying to shut down factories to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus."

That particular battle dates back to earlier this year when SpaceX offered to upgrade its Starlink network, a large group of satellites in low Earth orbit designed to beam high-speed internet to rural areas.

To date, SpaceX has more than 1,700 satellites in orbit and about 100,000 customers using the beta version of the Internet service.

Amazon plans to launch a similar satellite network called Project Kuiper with more than 3,000 satellites. However, he has not yet announced any plans to manufacture or launch satellites into space.

Last month, SpaceX submitted to the Federal Communications Commission to amend its proposal, asking the commission to approve two plans for future use of the Starlink satellite.

SpaceX documents indicated that the company will only implement one of these two plans. His decision will depend primarily on the speed available for the next generation of Starlink satellites. When will the Starship rocket be ready to launch the Starlink satellite?

Amazon: Elon Musk doesn't care about rules

SpaceX has been using its Falcon 9 rocket to launch dozens of custom Starlink satellites into space since 2019. But the Starship is a larger rocket still in development that can put target satellites into orbit faster.

Amazon rejected the deal, saying SpaceX's strategy of offering two exclusive plans went against the rules. It also requires careful review by the FCC and other companies.

SpaceX often develops new technology faster than government agencies can oversee, which causes problems.

Two interim plans proposed by the FCC are intended to align the commission with SpaceX's rapid development initiatives.

The company hopes to deploy a new generation of improved and more-built satellites with additional features such as laser links. This eliminates the need for ground stations. It does this by allowing satellites to talk to each other and relay communications as they pass through the user's range in orbit.

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