Amazon is fixing the user interface for Kindle devices
Amazon is fixing the user interface for Kindle devices

Amazon has announced that its latest Kindle e-reader has received a new and simpler user interface for the first time in years via an operating system update (version 5.13.7).

This update focuses primarily on navigation and adds a bar at the bottom of the screen that you can use to navigate between the Home screen, the book you're reading, and the Library screen.

Some people received the update a few weeks ago. However, the company has announced that the update will be widespread in the coming weeks.

The way to access Kindle Quick Settings (which allows you to turn on Airplane mode, adjust brightness, etc.) has also been changed.

You can now access the menu by swiping down from the top of the screen instead of clicking the button.

The company said there will be more changes later this year, and thanks to the update, you'll be able to see recently read books on the home screen and view library holdings, as well as a filter and sort menu.

According to the redesigned Amazon website, the feature will be available on supported devices in the coming weeks.

Updates include the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth generation Kindle Paperwhite. Kindle oases of the eighth, ninth and tenth generation. and the eighth, ninth and tenth generations of Kindle.

Older 7th generation Kindle devices (such as Kindle Voyage 2014) do not appear to be supported.

Amazon is fixing the user interface for Kindle devices

This update mainly covers most Kindle devices released since 2015. The company has not provided any information about the Kindle generation until the update is currently available.

The best way to determine if your device is suitable seems to be by looking up the model number, which should be on the back of the device.

Like the e-ink reader screen, the Kindle user interface is not updated frequently. The company just added the ability to have the lock screen display the cover of the book you're reading earlier this year.

There are also reports that the beta label for the Kindle web browser, which has been around for at least a decade, is gone.

The new update doesn't fix Amazon's Kindle naming system, which divides different devices into multiple generations and numbers them based on when they were released rather than product type.

If your Kindle is connected to a wireless network, your Kindle should install the update automatically at some point. However, if you want to get a new user interface as soon as possible, you can also update your device manually using a computer.

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