Amazon is planning an event for beauty products
Amazon is planning an event for beauty products

Amazon plans to hold a beauty event in October to attract early Christmas shoppers and boost the company's position in emerging categories.

The company's letter to some brands stated that they are currently planning to host the event from October 4-25. The same information is sent to some of the consulting firms that help set up a business on Amazon.

"We hope to bring customers back to us through other marketing tools during Black Friday week and in the longer term," the company wrote in the letter. This is a unique opportunity for select brands to reach more buyers and new customers.

A company spokesperson said next month's event will be called Holiday Beauty Haul. She added that the site contains many types of products, including perfumes, men's care, and winter skin care products.

The company is the world's largest online retailer and has long sought to capture a larger share of the global beauty market, which has annual sales of $500 billion.

The company started supplying health and beauty products in 2000. But initially the choice was limited to consumer brands.

The beauty market is now receiving special attention as consumers flock to the internet to purchase cosmetics and personal care products during the pandemic.

Compared to the previous year, online cosmetics sales increased by 40% in 2020. Sales of self-care products such as shampoos, facial cleansers and lotions increased by 59%.

Amazon wants to be the darling of cosmetics

Amazon hopes to use the event to increase traffic for its upcoming Christmas promotions. The company contacted beauty and beauty consultancy brands in mid-August to assess their participation.

In recent years, Amazon has expanded the "Premium Beauty" subcategory to include additional premium products. She opened an independent beauty salon to highlight emerging brands. She also started a hair care division and her own skincare brand.

Beauty products are among the fastest growing categories in the entire company. You are ready to innovate in product discovery and presentation. The company says it could reshape the online beauty product shopping experience.

The October event could also help Amazon better compete with retailers like Ulta Beauty and owner Sephora LVMH.

The supermarket cosmetics market share is increasingly taken up by consumer-oriented brands such as Ulta, Sephora, Glossier and ColourPop.

More importantly, Amazon is also trying to increase market share by featuring more major brands on its website and trying to leverage features like the Clean Beauty brand for natural and sustainable product trends.

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