Apple iPhone 13 supports dual eSIM for the first time
Apple iPhone 13 supports dual eSIM for the first time

Apple's iPhone 13 model supports dual eSIM for the first time. The company introduced eSIM support for iPhones with the iPhone XR and iPhone XS in 2018. However, even though you can use a regular SIM and eSIM at the same time, you cannot use two eSIMs at the same time.

Many smartphones support eSIM, which enables cellular services without a traditional SIM card. But there is only one row, if you need two rows, you need another card.

This new functionality is confirmed on the iPhone 13 specification page. In theory, it is possible to use multi-line support without using a physical SIM card.

The company said the iPhone 13 model supports dual SIM cards, using regular SIM cards, eSIM cards, and dual eSIM cards, the company said.

So if users want to use two different numbers on the same device, they will no longer need a physical SIM card. But only if the operator supports it.

If you read the web pages of iPhone 12 or earlier, it only mentions dual SIM support.

If necessary, nano SIM cards are still supported. With the exception of the dual eSIM, the company did not mention the use of the nano SIM slot.

Apple iPhone 13 supports dual eSIM for the first time

An eSIM is ideal for international travel, business trips, or prepaid services. And you may never have to go to the operator's store to get a SIM card.

During the event, Apple also mentioned that iPhone 13 models support more 5G frequency bands, which should enable new and faster networks in more countries/regions.

Since the eSIM enables devices to communicate with the operator on demand, a wireless network connection is required for setup.

Pre-orders for the new iPhone 13 series will start on Friday 17th September and will be officially released a week later on 24th September.

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