Apple confirms iPhone 13 battery life has improved
Apple confirms iPhone 13 battery life has improved

Earlier this week, Apple released a new iPhone mockup ahead of the Christmas shopping season, which is the company's annual tradition.

The new model is called the iPhone 13 and it is not much improved over the previous year's model. It received support for 5G networks and a new, more slender design.

This year's four new models feature similar looks, screen size, a faster processor, and new imaging features for power users.

But the company offered and confirmed improvements in terms of longer battery life. The focus on extending battery life at the event highlighted the challenges the company faces.

A physically better device is expected to be brought to market each year to help increase sales in mature markets where larger breakthroughs are becoming scarce.

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Improvements to displays, processors, or cameras can appeal to some people, especially professional photographers. But the changes that occur every year require careful scrutiny to be noticed.

The company said that under normal conditions of use, the battery life of the four new models can be extended by at least 90 minutes.

He added that the battery life of the largest, most expensive and best-selling iPhone model was 150 minutes longer than the previous year's model.

For example, iPhone 12 plays videos for 17 hours. The life span of the iPhone 13 has been increased to 19 hours, which increases the battery life by about 12%.

Apple confirms iPhone 13 battery life has improved

According to many surveys, battery life remains one of the most important consumer characteristics. In a 2019 SurveyMonkey survey, 76% of iPhone users said that longer battery life is a feature they like to update.

Another feature that the survey appreciates is storage space. The company doubled the standard storage space on the iPhone 13 to 128GB without increasing the price.

While the company is focusing on these improvements, the company also wants to see if it can keep its iPhone sales momentum going.

Despite the iPhone's efforts to diversify, the iPhone still accounts for about half of Apple's sales in 2020.

The company also faces a tough comparison with increasing sales over the past year. In the quarter that ended in June, Apple sold nearly $40 billion worth of iPhones. This is a 49% increase over the same period in 2020.

In its presentation, the company said its internal redesigns enabled larger batteries and modified its processors to use electricity more efficiently, which is fueling growth.

Although Apple cannot violate the laws of physics. But its ability to develop hardware, including chips, screens, and iOS systems, means the company has complete control over many of the high-power issues that drain battery life.

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