Apple is expanding its test team for autonomous driving
Apple is expanding its test team for autonomous driving

After Apple cut its fleet of self-driving tests in California to 54 in May, Apple has increased the number of drivers over time. She now has 114+ pilots.

The company is expanding its self-driving test fleet in California and it will reach 154 drivers by October 2020. However, the number of self-driving vehicles available since August is 69.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the company has not yet applied for a driverless driver's license because many manufacturers have driverless licenses in their fleets.

Several manufacturers are currently developing their own autonomous driving technology. Since 2014, California has introduced a self-driving car testing program, and manufacturers are required to obtain licenses for their cars and drivers from the California Department of Vehicles.

Since the beginning of August, there have been two more accidents with the company's self-driving cars, and there have been five accidents so far.

The company continues to work on self-driving technology. However, it is not clear when it will be publicly announced as an Apple Car.

The company recently announced that Vice President of Project Apple Car, Doug Field, is stepping down from a new position at Ford, and Kevin Lynch will take over management of Project Titan.

Apple Car rumors are also still a mystery. A report said the company is now developing its cars separately to avoid further delays.

According to the report, Apple employs hundreds of automotive-related engineers and selects suppliers of finished parts for its projects.

Apple is adding more drivers to its self-driving car program

The Korea Times reported in August that the company is negotiating with South Korean partners to develop electric vehicles. Without a partnership, the company will not be able to implement its electric vehicle business plan.

We don't know what Apple is planning with its Apple Car project. Whether it is automotive retail, car sharing or other automotive technologies. The launch is also unclear, and there are reports that it could be announced at any time during this decade.

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