Apple overcomes the problem of smartwatch manufacturing
Apple overcomes the problem of smartwatch manufacturing

A new investor report from analyst Ming-Chi reveals that Apple has overcome production woes for the Series 7 smartwatch and started mass-producing new models from mid-September to late September and will launch them later that month.

“The 7 Series production issues are mainly related to the board surface,” Guo says. However, it was disbanded and the plate units began mass production in mid-September.

The Series 7 series has a new design with a flat appearance, similar to the flat edges used in the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. Analysts said that due to this design change, the new Apple smartwatch is expected to go through more production runs than previous models.

Specifically, the new, more durable shield uses a connection design instead of the old cable design and also requires a first-time LIPO process.

The company also adopts a new OLED production line, which can increase efficiency and reduce screen costs.

“With the introduction of several new monitor-related manufacturing processes, the 7 Series monitors faced reliability issues before Jabil began mass production,” Koo said. It mainly includes the main screen and touch sensitivity. This complex production problem could be related to LGD, Jabil or Young Poong.

Apple overcomes the problem of smartwatch manufacturing

The company conducted various experimental designs of DOE to find the best production configuration and adjust the qualification parameters on both the supply and assembly sides, thus solving the supply unit reliability problem.

"We assume that Byblos will start serial production of the seventh series display units in mid-September," Guo said in a press release.

Analysts said that under this new schedule, finished products will begin mass shipping in late September.

Bloomberg previously reported that production issues due to designs and assemblies caused the Series 7 to be delayed.

Additionally, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman recently mentioned that the device may be available in limited numbers when released.

In his remarks, Guo also said he was optimistic about the 2022 series shipments as the chain introduced new health management features such as temperature measurement.

This is a confirmation of the recently reported thermometer feature, and Apple is said to have plans to add it to the device early next year.

The company is planning to launch a redesigned watch and iPhone 13 series at an event on September 14th.

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