Comparison between Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 3
Comparison between Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 3

A few weeks ago, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Watch 4 connected to its foldable phone. This watch caught the attention of its followers because it brought back the Google Wear OS or the Android smartwatch.

This watch has a custom interface in the operating system called One UI Watch. This shows that it is based on the One UI interface of the smartphone. Therefore, the new watch has two different versions.

The first version is called Watch 4. This version has a slightly sportier design and replaces Watch Active 2. The second version replaces the previous generation Watch 3 as Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Because the prices differ between these models and because the Watch 3 is still considered new, users have started to choose between the old and new versions. For this reason, we share with you the comparison between Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 3. Please note that the internal specifications between the classic and standard versions are similar.

Specification difference

Of course, the new version comes with significantly improved specifications. So the difference in design is not important. The new watch is based on the Exynos W920 chip and has a manufacturing precision of 5 nanometers. Compared to the Exynos 9110 on the Watch 3, this is a faster, less power-consuming chip.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers more storage space. It offers 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. Unlike the previous generation 1.8 GB.

Galaxy Watch 4 health features

The new version offers an excellent nutritional supplement for health and exercise. This is based on the new BioActive sensor. The sensor has excellent performance in tracking and measuring your heart rate. Monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. In addition to the electrocardiogram function in the electrocardiogram.

In addition, the new watch also introduces new additional functions. For example, the ability to measure body mass index, including the percentage of muscle, fat, and water in the body. Of course, what are the jobs that were not available in the previous generation. The new watch also provides blood pressure measurement function, but not all countries/regions provide this function.

Galaxy Watch 3 also has functions to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen.

Galaxy Watch 4 operating system

The Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 are based on the Tizen operating system. It is Samsung's custom operating system. However, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic come with Wear OS, as mentioned above.

Since the system comes from Google, it has access to the Google Play Store and many more functions and features. This version was developed in collaboration between Google and Samsung. In general, the new watch will have access to a large number of applications and services. In addition, its future is much better than previous versions in terms of updates and support.

What is your right choice

When choosing a new Samsung smartwatch, the new version is the best in all respects. However, the previous version still works efficiently and will remain so for many years to come.

If your purchasing budget is very limited, you can opt for the old version. As we know from the above, the old version lacks improvements in internal specifications, new sensors, and the Wear OS and its functionality.

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