DJI OM 5 can be equipped with a telescopic boom
DJI OM 5 can be equipped with a telescopic boom

DJI plans to launch the Osmo Mobile 5, a new smartphone stand with a built-in selfie stick, in the near future.

Although the battery capacity is low. But the retractable smartphone stand opens up other creative possibilities.

The main difference between the Osmo Mobile 5 and its predecessor is that the device has a built-in selfie stick.

If necessary, users can clearly extend the arm of the Osmo Mobile 5, for example by taking selfies off-topic.

This possibility is especially appreciated by the producers of the so-called video bloggers.

In addition, with the telescopic arm, you can use alternative binoculars for various other shooting situations or make sure that you can capture more targets simultaneously.

The stability of the recording is maintained by the physical compensation of the movement, and it must be ensured that the recording takes place without fluctuations.

However, in order to accommodate the telescopic boom in the DJI Osmo Mobile 5 mini chassis, the company also had to compromise.

And since the device is only 17cm long when closed for maximum portability, the battery capacity is reduced by fitting a retractable accessory.

DJI OM 5 can be equipped with a telescopic boom

The information indicates that the battery life is only 6:20. So far it has successfully arrived at 3pm.

This reduced the maximum availability by more than half. This may be enough for most users, especially since the battery can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours.

Osmo Mobile 5 has once again brought the magnetic smartphone holder to the market with its predecessor. This allows the device to be attached to the stand quickly and easily.

The one-piece foldable foot is also one-size-fits-all. Osmo Mobile 5 comes to the European market after the manufacturer's press conference scheduled for September 8, 2021 and will be offered at a price of 159 euros.

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