Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs
Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

According to the patent, Dyson is developing a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean stairs and open drawers.

Dyson is known as an innovator whose developments in vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and even hair dryers have had a major impact on the market.

A British patent issued this week shows a number of standalone designs, including devices that can climb and clean stairs and a robotic arm that can hold a cup and open a drawer at the same time.

The company's robotics division has been developing self-contained vacuum cleaners for 16 years and is currently developing a robot that can interact with household appliances.

It is not clear if the project is still ongoing. Computer companies are often involved in many projects that have not yet reached final production.

Dyson often works on projects outside his usual framework. The company has filed patents for everything from dental equipment (also known as toothbrushes) to air purifiers and headphones.

As indicated in the patent application, the climbing mechanism is installed on both sides of the main frame and subframe. The bottom plate is mounted below the center of the main frame and the rear end of the fender is pivotally connected to the rear end of the bottom plate.

When the robot goes up or down, the robot hits the ladder climber and the obstacle falls to the ground. The robot climbs through the obstacle on the ground, then rotates the obstacle and stands up to keep the robot inside. After climbing or falling, the obstacle falls to the ground and the robot climbs over the obstacle to reach the ground.

A Dyson spokesperson said: "We have a number of patents pending. But we never comment on technologies that we may or may not release in the future. The company has filed several patents that may never produce consumer goods."

Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

In recent years, robotic vacuums have become increasingly popular, allowing more and more people to clean their homes regularly and without any action.

Mobility has always been an issue for these robots. Some older models have difficulty working on the rug or the edge of the rug.

Robotic stair-lifting vacuum cleaners can open up a larger market and make a significant contribution to the standardization of autonomous cleaning equipment on a larger scale.

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