Facebook acknowledges that there are many errors that cannot be fixed
Facebook acknowledges that there are many errors that cannot be fixed

Criticizing a number of reports in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook's vice president of global affairs said that the social network was aware of several issues on its platform that harm users, but took no action to address these issues.

Nick Craig wrote: “It is legitimate that we take responsibility for how we deal with some of the topics described in the news articles, but these stories deliberately contain misinterpretations of what we are trying to do and very wrong motives for the Facebook management and its employees.” In a blog post.

The newspaper published a number of in-depth reports on the platform based on a review of internal documents and concluded that the company's platform is riddled with harmful flaws that usually only the company can understand.

The articles provide detailed information about the XCheck program, which the newspaper said bans celebrities from the platform's standard registration rules.

It presented an internal study showing that Instagram, a photo-sharing platform, is a mental health problem for young users.

She also explained how the company's changes to the algorithm increased engagement but made users more angry.

In addition, he has a deep understanding of employee concerns and how to use the company's human trafficking platform. And how CEO Mark Zuckerberg's promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine attracted anti-vaccine activists who posted many negative comments on the platform.

Craig stated that the frequency of vaccinations among users of the US platform has fallen by about 50% since January.

Two senators from the Commerce Committee responsible for consumer protection said they would investigate. Previous press articles stated that the company realized that the Instagram platform for girls could be harmful.

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article on the platform issues

Clegg said in a blog post that Facebook routinely and deliberately searches for them and ignores them when the results aren't business-friendly. We fundamentally reject this distortion of our work. This challenges the enthusiasm and hard work of the thousands of researchers, policy experts and engineers within the company who seek to improve the quality of our products and understand their broader implications (positive and negative).

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