Facebook targets real malicious networks
Facebook targets real malicious networks

Facebook is taking a tougher approach to shutting down carefully planned groups of real user accounts that perform certain malicious activities on its platform, and uses the same strategy as its security team for activities involving fake accounts.

The new method uses tactics commonly used by corporate security teams to shut down networks involved in operations that use fake accounts to manipulate public debate.

This could have a major impact on how the social media giant deals with political and other coordinated campaigns that violate its rules when its approach to abuse of platforms is reviewed by global lawmakers and civil society groups.

The company said that it now plans to take the same approach to groups of curated real accounts that constantly violate their rules on the network with a large number of reports where many users erroneously reported content or accounts targeted in order to close or lock types. From online harassment, users can adapt themselves to individuals through a large number of posts or comments.

Facebook fights coordinated social harm

In a related change, the company said it's taking the same approach to actual user activity. Causing coordinated social harm inside and outside their platform. He also announced the abolition of the lateral thinking movement in Germany.

A spokeswoman said these extensions are still in their infancy, which means Facebook's security team can identify potential steps that lead to such behaviour. And take broader action from the company to remove individual posts or accounts.

In April, Facebook released an internal report on its role in the Capitol riots. The report describes the company's challenges in controlling the rapidly growing anti-theft movement. One conclusion is that Facebook does not actually have a coordinated actual harm policy.

Facebook security experts began cracking down on influence smuggling with fake accounts in 2017. After the 2016 US elections, US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia was using social media platforms as part of its online influencer activities.

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