Fully autonomous driving gives you a false sense of security
Fully autonomous driving gives you a false sense of security

Electric car maker Tesla is expanding its fully autonomous driving pilot project to include the much-anticipated download button.

With this button, customers can get a new, unfinished version of the driver assistance program for testing on public roads. Although the program has not yet been patched.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the previous version of the test plan did not do well, and now warns that sometimes the test plan looks too good and will make drivers feel a false sense of safety, so they don't have to be careful while driving, though Than you need to be vigilant.

Tesla is marketing its driver assistance system in a standard package called Autopilot. There is also an advanced package called FSD, which in the US means fully autonomous driving.

For at least six months, Musk has been preparing his fans with the experimental FSD button. Posted on March 9, 2021: The FSD 8.3 QA test is expected to be completed by the end of next week, so the download button will appear.

The CEO also revealed that Tesla is asking owners of cars who use the next beta button first to prove they are good drivers. This was before downloading the trial version.

"The beta button requests permission to use the Tesla Insurance Calculator to assess driving behaviour," Musk wrote. If driving behavior is good for 7 days, the test permission will be granted.

Musk warns against fully self-driving

Tesla board member Hiromichi Mizuno shared Musk's testimony, saying: You have to be a good driver to not drive. It can become the new normal.

Musk replied to Mizuno, "The irony now is that sometimes the beta FSD system looks so good that you don't have to be vigilant, but it's true. Any unintended beta users will be kicked out. The test system has 2,000 users who have been using it without incident for about a year .

Musk's tweets contradicted the facts of the FSD pilot. This was mentioned in a March 2021 memo from the California Automobile Administration's Division of Autonomous Vehicles.

On the same day, the head of the California Department of Autonomous Vehicles' autonomous vehicle division spoke to Tesla employees. Including the Deputy General Counsel and Director of the Autonomous Leadership Program.

Tesla officially said that on March 9, 2021, the FSD pilot program included as many as 753 Tesla employees and 71 non-employees, which is less than half of the FSD pilots mentioned in Musk's tweet.

In the memo, company representatives described the FSD Driver as a Level 2 driver assistance system rather than a fully driverless technology.

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