Google expands Android to include facial gesture control
Google expands Android to include facial gesture control

The new functionality that Google made available for Android 12 this fall includes new accessibility features.

There are new facial gesture controls for people with reduced mobility and a new handwriting recognition feature for Lookout. The company's application uses the phone's camera to help the blind or visually impaired.

Google Assistant, Digital Wellbeing, Nearby Sharing, and Android Keyboard are also improved.

Android facial gesture control is divided into two parts. The camera switch (previously in Android 12 beta) is included in the existing accessibility suite in Android and allows you to use gestures like opening your mouth or raising your eyebrows to activate different commands. .

The second part is about the standalone Project Activate app, which was developed to help people communicate. You can set up facial gestures to initiate actions, such as: b- Play a sound or send a text message.

At the same time, the company said that Lookout's handwriting recognition feature can read Latin languages ​​and can be accessed through document mode. The Euro and the Indian Rupee have also been added to the currency settings in the app.

In addition to accessibility, the Gboard keyboard has also been improved. On all devices with Android 11 and above, the Android keyboard can use smart typing to complete sentences, similar to the functions of some services (such as Google Docs and Gmail). Previously, this functionality was only available for Pixel smartphones.

Also, when copied and pasted into separate contact information and separate details (such as phone numbers and email addresses), they are automatically updated when copied into one text.

Google adds accessibility features for handwriting recognition

If you switch to the messaging app immediately after taking the screenshot, Gboard offers to share the screenshot as well.

Heads Up Digital Wellbeing, which reminds people to stop looking at their phones while walking, is rolling out from Pixel phones to all Android phones.

When you ask Google Assistant to open your Reminders, it now provides a one-stop shop for handling any Reminders that have been added to your Voice Assistant.

The Nearby Sharing feature has also been updated to provide new visibility settings. This gives you control over who can see your device and send files.

Google has not given a specific release date for any of these features. And there's no indication if any of them could be unique to the upcoming Android 12. Thus, most of them are expected to expire this fall.

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