Google is developing a second foldable phone
Google is developing a second foldable phone

It looks like Google is internally testing a second foldable Pixel smartphone. The device is said to be in development, codenamed Jumbojack and will be called Android 12.1 in the upcoming mid-range version of Android 12.

This is the search giant's latest codename for foldable devices, and there have been reports of another device called the Passport. The first real information on this topic was released last year.

Little is known about what form Jumbojack can take. However, the report states that there are two screens, one of which is broken when the device is folded.

This means a design similar to Samsung's foldable device, which combines a small external screen with a larger foldable internal screen. However, there is no information on the screen size or internal specifications.

Some people think that Jumbojack's codename could be a reference to the Jumbo Jack cheeseburger in Jack in the Box, which means that this phone is hamburger style like the Galaxy Z Flip rather than the hot dog style like the Galaxy Z Fold used.

Unlike the Passport, which trusted leaker Evan Blass is reporting on, there are still plans to release before the end of this year and there is no indication when or if Jumbojack will see a retail release.

There are many examples of Jumbojack being used as a test device as it is the only foldable device running Android 12.

For example, the company is testing adding modes or states to the Android API such as “open”, “closed”, “half-open” and “inverted”.

One explanation is that the Jumbojack is just an internal test device. But Google clearly calls it a pixel.

Google launches Jumbojack, its second foldable device

Obviously, Jumbojack includes some improvements to Android 12. It won't be rolling out to other foldable devices until Android 12.1 is released.

In particular, the foldable Pixel II handles split screens in a new way. It's probably closer to what Samsung does on foldable devices.

In addition, its presence shows that Google is paying increasing attention to foldable devices as it prepares to launch its first real competitor, the Pixel 6.

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