Google plans to add free channels to Google TV
Google plans to add free channels to Google TV

Google wants to make Chromecast more attractive. So the company plans to add free TV channels to Google TV (the Android platform for Chromecast-enabled smart TV) and select smart TVs from companies like Sony and TCL.

To achieve this goal, the company spoke to the company that sells the so-called FAST (Free TV and Ads Sponsored Channel) channel.

These channels have the look of a traditional TV station with advertisements and graphics on the screen.

Google TV's free streaming channel could start as early as fall. However, the company may have to wait until early 2022 to announce the plan with its smart TV partners.

Chromecast owners may be able to browse channels through the dedicated Live TV menu that the company previously used to provide access to pay-TV services such as the YouTube TV subscription service.

Smart TVs are expected to display broadcast channels with wireless programming that can be accessed through antennas.

This approach reflects the way TV manufacturers such as LG and Samsung are incorporating free channels into their platforms.

Free channels are very popular with these TV manufacturers. Samsung alone streams billions of minutes on TV Plus every month.

This success has also led to other TV platform operators taking over. Roku has added more than 200 free channels to its platform, and VIZIO and Amazon have also offered direct channels to multiple devices.

Most smart TV manufacturers integrate these channels directly into their existing program guides for a seamless transition from live TV to streaming channels. This makes FAST Ducts a free alternative to basic cables.

Google wants to make Chromecast more attractive

Media companies looking for monetization opportunities are increasingly interested in what responds to the growing demand for free media streaming channels.

For example, AMC Networks launched several FAST channels, including one for The Walking Dead and one with IFC comedies like Portlandia.

Other media companies that have their own free radio stations include The Weather Channel, Scripps, Meredith, Reuters and Bloomberg.

It is not clear which of these channels will be shown on Google TV. However, Google is expected to close a deal that will allow the company to access dozens of free channels.

When Google launched Android TV in 2014, it included the Live Channels app, which was supposed to collect live shows from streaming apps and radio stations.

However, the request was met with little interest. When Google relaunched its mini-casting device a year ago, it didn't port it to Chromecast.

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