Google search engine officially gets dark mode
Google search engine officially gets dark mode

Google has officially added a dark mode to its desktop search engine which allows those who want to avoid bright web pages to stop their search while enjoying the gray color.

Last May, the company introduced a dark mode for Android and iOS search apps.

Depending on the support page, you can make changes under “Settings” > “Search Settings” > “Display”.

There you can choose dark or light mode or the default settings of the device, and it will automatically follow the computer mode.

If you don't see the design options, you may have to wait a while. The company said recruitment will be rolling out in the coming weeks, as well as many of its updates.

The company has been experimenting with a dark mode for the search engine for some time. I reportedly tested this mode in February.

9to5Google also reported that some users have seen a different solar heating switch and some users may enable the changes via the mobile version. No changes were mentioned in the company's announcement.

Until now it was possible to run search engines in dark mode using browser plug-ins or alternative search engines (such as DuckDuckGo) with themes.

Google search engine officially gets dark mode

When set to dark mode, you'll see a gray background wherever you're signed in with your Google account on your computer. The search page includes the Google home page, search results page, search parameters, etc.

You may also see banners in search results. After the announcement, the company confirmed receipt of the user's request for this role.

Some of the company's Android and iOS apps, including the main Google Search app, use dark mode.

But the company is officially offering Dark Mode as a setting for those who don't want to install add-ons or switch search providers.

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