Huawei wouldn't be without mobile phones
Huawei wouldn't be without mobile phones

Revolving President Xu Zhijun said at a press conference at the Huawei Connect 2021 event that Huawei will not abandon or sell its mobile phone business.

Qi Jun said the company's cellular business faces enormous challenges due to US sanctions.

"It is now difficult to buy Huawei-branded mobile phones," he said. But Huawei will never give up on the mobile business.

In November last year, the company sold its Honor smartphone brand to a consortium after months of fighting when the United States throttled key exports and software to the company to ease production pressures.

The company still has its own branded cell phones that use pre-stored chips.

The CEO said the company will continue to work hard to grow its wireless business. However, it may take several years for the company's wireless business to get back on track.

The company also focuses on two operating systems, Hongmeng OS and openEuler, both of which are open source. This is supposed to solve the problem of clamping down on the lack of operating systems in the country.

Harmony is used for smart terminals, IoT terminals, and industrial terminals. openEuler uses it in servers, advanced computing, and cloud infrastructure.

The two operating systems can cover different scenarios and solve the current shortage of national operating systems.

Huawei focuses on Hongmeng OS

The company initially announced openEuler as an open source operating system in 2019. The company is now preparing to release a new openEuler operating system.

The move is also part of the company's efforts to evolve into a service provider rather than a hardware maker during the chip ban in the United States.

The company has launched 11 innovative scenario-based solutions for clients in utilities, transportation, finance, energy, manufacturing and other sectors, reflecting its ambition to bring digitalization into various industries through ICT skills.

Founded four years ago, Huawei Cloud has brought together more than 2.3 million developers, 14,000 consulting partners, 6,000 technology partners and enabled more than 4,500 services for the enterprise market.

When asked if Huawei has made up some of its losses in the traditional smartphone business with its nascent cloud division, the company said its cloud business is still at a loss. But the cloud business is growing fast.

To date, Hongmeng OS has been installed in more than 120 million mobile phones. The company estimates that this number may exceed 300 million by the end of this year.

The company announced that it will not produce these cars. A large number of technology companies have announced their involvement in the auto industry in recent years.

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