IKEA and Sonos announce new speakers
IKEA and Sonos announce new speakers

IKEA and Sonos have officially launched the second generation of Symfonisk desktop speakers. A report released earlier this month said the product is up and running, its design has been leaked and is now more customizable and has different styles.

After first launching the original Symfonisk desk lamp speaker in 2019, the two companies are back for the second generation.

The new Symfonisk features a fresh design with several basic options, AirPlay 2 support, audio optimization, and more.

The new Symfonisk desk lamp speaker will be available at IKEA stores in the US, on the US website and in select European markets starting October 12. It will be expanded to all of the company's markets by 2022.

IKEA is changing the way new models are sold. This time, sockets (black or white) are sold separately for the two different lampshade styles.

You can open the opaque glass cover from the top. But there is also a more transparent black glass cover.

Fabric lampshade is completely different from glass design. Like the base, it's also available in black or white.

It also has wide compatibility with LED lights. The company said the second generation of the desk lamp amplifier supports a wider range of lamps due to the addition of E26/E27 sockets.

The controls are now positioned by the lamp itself, as the base plate of the original model is no longer there.

IKEA and Sonos are working together again

Socket $140, glass lampshade $39, and fabric lampshade $29. This makes the price of both coins $169 and $179, respectively.

The original Symfonisk desk lamp speaker initially cost $179 when it was released. It later increased by $10. So you pay the same amount for the second generation.

The two companies said the new lighting fixtures use a completely redesigned acoustic structure, similar to Symfonisk's wall-mounted speakers, and use custom waveguides to create sound that can cover all the music in the room.

Like all other products in the Symfonisk series, the new table lamp speaker can also be used alone. But it can also be added to the Sonos multi-room system.

It also supports AirPlay 2 from Apple. The idea of ​​this series is to combine technology and design that naturally fits into the home d├ęcor.

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