IKEA brings a wide range of products to the market for gamers
IKEA brings a wide range of products to the market for gamers

IKEA is the largest furniture company in the world. She took the first step in the playing field with the launch of a new line of toys. The series includes more than 30 new products, from gaming chairs and tables to storage solutions, gaming console applications, and neck pillows for extended games.

Get ready to take your gaming to the next level with a range of gaming furniture and accessories developed in partnership with ROG, a sub-brand of leading gaming company Asus.

The company considers gamers a market of 2.5 billion people worldwide (fueling the $159 billion gaming industry). So she spent two years studying gaming culture in depth to understand the field.

His crew attended major esports events and locally trained players. The company said, "There is so much to discover in the gaming world, and this is the first step towards something bigger."

The biggest challenge is not building the furniture that the player recognizes. But how to make furniture is known by representatives like IKEA who are known for their design.

The company said, “In developing this series, we need to understand what kind of aesthetics a player’s heart can convey.” From an aesthetic point of view, we come from a completely different background.

One example is the way the company manages gaming chairs: racing seats have become the norm in the gaming world. But in fact, the design of a chair that cradles your body when you rotate should be different from a chair that should support your back for hours in front of a screen.

"A lot of players have told us they don't like chairs that look like cars," the company said. But they have no other choice. It is an opportunity.

IKEA starts making toys

The company responded with four different styles of chairs, each with a different design. There is the GRUPPSPEL chair for $289.

The company emphasized that the players are very busy. There are controllers, cables, microphones, and other devices. But there are also collectibles like action figures that players are proud of and love to show off.

Ikea's answer was to develop a $20 hanging board with different straps to place the console in a prominent place and a $100 glass door cabinet to accommodate the minifigures.

In addition, the company has designed many practical tools and equipment such as clamping cups as part of a series divided into six product groups. These products will be available in stores and online in October 2021.

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