Important details about iPhone 13
Important details about iPhone 13

As always, Apple has released a new generation of iPhones. It comes with many other products and updates. As always, the release of the new iPhone 13 is not a huge step up from the previous generation.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have both changed the design of the dual-lens rear camera. While the specs and features haven't changed much, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max versions could replicate the same situation. Overall, changing the look of the camera is the biggest change in design and appearance.

Apple made some color changes and introduced a new cyan in the Pro version. But in the usual and generally intended ways, Apple changed the tone of almost every color.

Important details about the iPhone 13 version

The Pro version has also changed in terms of camera design. The bigger and more prominent it becomes. This should not be in the interest of the user under any circumstances.

Apple said at the press conference that the higher volume of compression, including the front camera and facial recognition technology, has been reduced by 20%. The weight of all versions gained importance, averaging 9 grams.

Apple increased the iPhone 13 screen brightness from 625 nits to 800 nits. However, the most significant improvement in terms of the screen is the 120Hz refresh rate that ProMotion supports in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max phones.

However, Apple does not support the Always on Screen feature, which allows the clock and some other items to be permanently displayed on the screen when the screen is off. This is a feature that Samsung has offered for many years.

According to reports, the screen of the Pro version is LTPO type, which can also provide large power and high refresh rate without sacrificing resolution or image quality.

In terms of connectivity or 5G support, nothing has changed on the new cell phone. Apple also hasn't said if it's using Qualcomm's new X60 modem. In addition, the new phone does not support Wi-Fi 6E.

Apple's pride and joy is the A15 Bionic processor. I discussed this topic at length during the meeting. In her speech, however, she did not fully explain her development.

In general, the processor offers four medium-performance cores and two high-performance cores. There are also 16 AI cores and 4 graphics processing cores. The Pro version supports five cores, not just four.

The processor is also based on a 5nm manufacturing precision. And we need time to discover how much better it is than the previous generation A14 Bionic.

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