iPhone 13 battery capacity increased dramatically
iPhone 13 battery capacity increased dramatically

Apple has provided official battery size information for its iPhone 13 series through a product information sheet posted on the Chemtrec Hazardous Substances Information and Response website.

Although the increase in battery life is due to the efficiency of the chip. But the company has increased the battery size of all four iPhones in 2021.

For example, Apple claims the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 9 hours and 13 hours longer battery life than similar models from last year when streaming video.

At the company event, Apple talked about the battery life of the new iPhone series. She said the iPhone 13 mini should be able to use it for an additional 1.5 hours on a single charge. iPhone 13 battery life is 2.5 hours longer. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max saw the same growth compared to the corresponding iPhone 12 models.

The document shows that the volume of iPhone batteries has increased significantly since last year, with an average increase of 13%. The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery can now be compared to devices like the Nintendo Switch.

The document specifies the size of the battery in watt-hours instead of the traditional unit in milliamperes.

iPhone 13 battery is getting bigger

Although most mobile phone manufacturers indicate the size of the battery in milliamperes. But they are generally less accurate and more difficult to compare. So the watt-hour meter is the best.

Apple said it provided this information to Chemtrec to help operators comply. Hence, this information comes directly from the source.

It is also clear that the volume of transactions has increased significantly across the board. The battery size for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro versions is the same. But the iPhone 13 Pro battery is now smaller than that of the iPhone 13.

The dimensions of both phones are the same as well. But the 13 Pro includes a higher refresh rate display, additional GPU cores, and more cameras. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce the available battery space.

In addition, Apple makes each model thicker and heavier than the previous one. With this iPhone 13 series, the company is offering bigger cell phones with better batteries.

For comparison, here are the nominal capacities of mobile phones and other devices disassembled in relation to iFixit. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with an 18.84Wh battery.

In addition, Google Pixel 5 has a 15.48Wh battery. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 16.96Wh battery, while the Nintendo Switch has a 16Wh battery.

In addition, the long battery life may also come from the improved efficiency of the A15 Bionic processor.

Battery life varies by application and many other factors. Therefore, the actual results will be different. But if it's close to what the company advertises, watching your favorite shows through these modern gadgets will be a breeze.

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