Logitech Bolt USB dongle improve devices security
Logitech Bolt USB dongle improve devices security

Logitech is best known for its consumer-focused products, but it is playing a huge role in attracting more privacy-conscious companies.

The company has released a range of mice and keyboards, including a new Logi Bolt USB-A dongle, designed to significantly reduce latency and improve security in busy workplaces.

This accessory can be safely connected to computers and mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and does not require a dongle.

Although the Bolt USB dongle is also based on Bluetooth technology. However, it does provide a more secure connection (Safe Mode 1, Level 4).

Compared to the company's standard 2.4GHz receiver, the choice of Bluetooth should make the USB Bolt dongle less vulnerable to attacks than hackers are vulnerable to MouseJack hacker attacks.

The company's white paper on the USB Bolt dongle states that Security Mode 1, Level 4, uses the ECDH protocol and AES-CCM encryption.

The company said these measures ensure that Logi Bolt wireless products and its Logi Bolt receivers can only communicate with each other.

The company guarantees that Bolt's direct wireless communications are FIPS compliant. These standards were created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use by the federal government.

The company said that the USB Bolt dongle provides a stronger connection of 10 meters even in a busy work environment.

Logitech Bolt USB dongle improve devices security

The single bolt dongle can connect up to six accessories to your computer and is compatible with multiple operating systems. Including Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.

Logitech Bolt dongle registration instructions will soon follow at $14.99. However, don't expect existing business extensions to use it.

According to the FAQ on the company's website, Logi Bolt compatible devices bear the Bolt logo below.

The first accessory with increased security via Bluetooth Low Energy including USB Bolt Dongles was launched in September.

The first package contains the MX Master for Business series, which consists of MX Master 3 and MX Keys.

There are also web pages for the Ergo K860 keyboard, MX Anywhere 3 mouse, and Ergo M575 mouse.

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