Mercedes presents the electric Maybach model
Mercedes presents the electric Maybach model

Mercedes introduced the electric Maybach EQS, a luxury vehicle. The company said it was a glimpse into the potential future of premium electric vehicles.

The company presented this electric SUV at IAA Mobility Munich and also announced the concept of a G-Class SUV and an easy-to-buy electric car.

Compared to the current Maybach GLS, the EQS concept doesn't seem strange. According to Mercedes, this car is based on its modular electric architecture, which is the same as that of the future EQS sedan.

The company said the concept aims to demonstrate its vision for an emissions-free future in the country without giving up the exclusivity and luxury implied by the Maybach name.

The company added that the interior should remind us of the yacht, and there is a so-called driver's bag in the car.

In favor of the ultra-luxury Maybach, nothing goes against a more eco-friendly option in the world.

The gasoline-powered Maybach GLS is equipped with a 4-liter V8 that can deliver 6 km/l in the city and 8 km/l on the highway.

The company described the concept car as a dynamic shape and flowing design. The faux fur rug is suitable for the theme of environmental protection in electric cars. Maybach logo surrounds the headlights.

With the Maybach EQS Concept, Mercedes has clearly demonstrated the first all-electric series model from the Maybach brand.

This all-wheel drive concept car is based on the modular architecture of Mercedes luxury electric and luxury cars and presents the exclusivity of Maybach into the emission-free future in China.

She added, “This concept represents the transformation of this traditional luxury brand into a more advanced, all-electric future. Like every Maybach, it represents exquisite luxury in all its aspects.

Hence, this vehicle is a testament to the combination of advanced electric driving and entertainment technology with Maybach craftsmanship and interior design.

Mercedes presents the electric Maybach model

In addition, the MBUX 56-inch Superior Display is divided into a central 17.7-inch touchscreen. 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and 12.3-inch touch screen for front passenger. Rear passengers also have their own entertainment system.

The model car has a door handle similar to that of a Tesla, which automatically extends when the driver approaches and automatically opens the driver's door.

In addition, the company did not provide any technical details because it uses the SUV concept as a pure design study.

But if you take out some of the Maybach design features, like the chrome grille and 24-inch wheels. You know something about the look of the EQS SUV.

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