Microsoft continues to update Xbox accessories
Microsoft continues to update Xbox accessories

Microsoft has begun testing new firmware updates for the Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2, and Xbox Adaptive consoles that will provide significant improvements to existing hardware.

This update brings next-generation features previously available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, including better connectivity between devices and lower latency.

The biggest benefit is the ability to quickly switch between paired devices on your Xbox console. The company also added a dynamic DLI input feature to improve the input delay of the legacy console.

The new firmware update provides support for Bluetooth Low Energy for compatible controllers.

Most current Microsoft Xbox One consoles have Bluetooth support and can be used with smartphones or computers. However, the console is connected to the Xbox console using the Xbox Wireless protocol.

This new firmware now makes it easier to switch between the two, so the console can remember the Bluetooth of the phone and the Xbox console and quickly switch between connected devices by double-clicking the pairing button.

The company has also added Dynamic Response Latency (DLI) input, which reduces input lag between consoles connected to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles and improves game responsiveness.

Microsoft continues to update Xbox accessories

The addition of DLI means that any older Xbox One console can reduce the latency of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Just like the latest consoles that come with these platforms.

Both are new features supported by the latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms, but it's great to see the company roll them out on older hardware.

“We believe it is important to maintain compatibility with Xbox accessories that people collect,” said Daniel Ruiz, director of product marketing for Xbox Accessories. And to ensure that however you want to play, we can offer you the best gaming experience.

The company has begun testing the new firmware for the console with Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insiders. It is set to cover all Xbox console users in the coming months.

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