Microsoft Teams improves remote work
Microsoft Teams improves remote work

Microsoft continues to improve the experience of remote meetings on the Microsoft Teams platform and has better camera support and other improvements so you can attend meetings 24/7.

After launching Together mode last year and seeing the future of the conference earlier this year, the platform will soon be updated to support smart cameras.

These cameras are provided by partners such as Jabra, Neat, Poly and Yealink. It implements active speaker tracking through artificial intelligence, video multicasting, and person recognition.

This type of camera can fulfill some of the company's promises for future meetings by enabling the conference room camera to use voice, facial movements and gestures to identify who is speaking in the room.

These cameras are designed to widen and bridge the gap between teleconferencing and desktop conferencing as more and more companies seek to balance the two.

The mobile version of Microsoft Teams has also been updated to offer quick access to chat, real-time comments, and Microsoft Whiteboard.

According to Microsoft, this updated Companion mode also includes simpler access controls such as muting the camera or turning the camera on and off and will be launched in the coming months.

Speaker Coach is an AI-based feature that monitors your pace during meetings. It is scheduled to hit the market in early 2022.

Automatic lighting patches for video conferencing platforms will appear in the coming months.

Microsoft Teams improves remote work

The company will also showcase the platform on Apple CarPlay this month so you can attend meetings while driving.

Although the platform supports CallKit integration, full integration with CarPlay allows you to join directly from CarPlay.

You can also use Siri to take part in hands-free calls. But it looks like you're only adding audio mode so you don't get too distracted by the video.

The company has also introduced new functionality for PowerPoint Live presentations. This allows you to integrate the Microsoft Teams camera into your presentation slides.

You can also choose how and where to view the slide show. The company plans to release the tool early next year. It was developed with remote presentation in mind.

With the Outlook RSVP feature introduced in early 2022, you can decide whether to attend a face-to-face meeting or a remote meeting to help the organizers get ready. You can also specify when and where you want to work during business hours. You can also reserve a shared office space through Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

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